Mars in Aquarius

Transiting Mars in Aquarius


screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-1-43-54-pmAfter scaling the mountain of success while Capricorn, Mars stood upon its peak. Taking in the view, he felt proud of all he accomplished in the business world, but knew it was time to hand in his resignation and move on to a new venture. Tossing his suits and ties into the nearest Goodwill bin, he bid farewell to conformity and crossed into the sign of the rebel: Aquarius.

When the planet of war is in the sign of freethinkers, humanitarianism, political bodies and good old fashioned protests, he rallies to the cause and leads the charge. Draped in the rebel’s clothes, Mars fights for what he believes, and the fixed nature of Aquarius adds fortitude (or stubbornness depending upon your view). When Mars is in Aquarius, he holds his ground until he wins, and if he doesn’t, he goes down fighting.

depositphotos_8071447-aquarius-copy-2Although Aquarius enjoys its well-earned reputation as the zodiac’s anarchist, the Water Bearer is also its resident genius. Since Mars is an ego-driven planet, while he’s in the sign of brilliance he’s driven to distinguish himself on an intellectual level; ideally, with innovative ideas that are rooted in unorthodox methods.

During this time, some of you will get in touch with your inner rebel while others will channel their inner genius. Either way, you can thank Mars in Aquarius for your newfound inspiration.

Mars is in Aquarius from November 8 – December 18, 2016