Neptune Stations Direct

Transiting Neptune Stations Direct


While Neptune was retrograde, we were being guided to distinguish between genuine vision and self-deception. 

As Neptune moves forward, the fog that once protected us will burn off, your ego will be exposed, and you’ll find yourself forced to exist in the glaring light of day. Disoriented, vulnerable and with no place to hide, the initial reaction of your ego is to protect itself by employing the only defense it knows: deception.

The choices you made during that time will determine how you’ll experience its influence now that it’s direct.

If you allowed your soul to lead the way, it will soothe your ego, and you’ll come we will come to experience Neptune in its highest form as you pursue ideals that are aligned with your divine path.

However, if your allowed your ego to lead the way, you’ll come to experience Neptune in its lowest form and view some aspect of your life through a veil of confusion, illusion and delusion.  Should that be the case, all is not lost. It simply means you have more to learn, which is the reason you’re here in the first place.