Transiting Mars in Aries

Transiting Mars in Aries

Emotionally waterlogged from being immersed in sea of tranquility while in Pisces, Mars knew that if he remained he would be condemned to spend the rest of his life as a sensitive man. Unwilling to accept such a fate, with sword in hand he bid a brusque farewell to the Fish and marched straight into Aries where he received a hero’s welcome.

From the moment he crossed into the sign of his dignity, Mars felt his energy return; and with every step he felt stronger, braver and more confident. Mars is an ambitious, ego-driven planet, and while in Aries he distinguishes himself through personal achievements and craves public recognition for them. To ensure a steady stream of praise, Mars in Aries never rests on his laurels. As the planet of action, he does more than live up to the zodiac’s expectation’s; he exceeds them.

As the planetary ruler of war and violence, Mars is at home on the battlefield, as well as emergency rooms and any life and death situation. In Aries, Mars is quick thinking, fast-acting and courageous to a fault, which is why he’s often found leading the troops, chasing bad guys, fighting fires, giving CPR, conducting search and rescue missions and performing random acts of heroism.

While leadership and heroism are sterling qualities, Mars in Aries also has his share of traits that have room for improvement. While it’s true that his quick-thinking has often saved the day, it’s also been known to create chaos if he overreacts and jumps to an incorrect conclusion. And then there’s his legendary temper. While it’s true that he gets over his anger quickly, the same can’t always be said for those on the receiving end of his angry, and typically unfiltered, outbursts. Fortunately, at some point in time Mars in Aries begins to mature, and over time, he starts to mellow.

Although there’s a side of Mars that’s tempted to remain in Aries, his pioneering spirit refuses to let him settle there. For Mars, life is a series of adventures, and any day he can boldly go where no one has gone before is destined to be a great one.

Mars is in Aries from January 27 – March 9, 2017