Transiting Mars in Leo

Transiting Mars in Leo


Medieval warrior on the throne on background of the moonAfter weeks of feeling depleted while Cancer, Mars was more than happy to exit the sign of its fall and enter the fiery, passionate and dramatic sign of Leo.

As he sauntered into the Lion’s den, Mars could feel his confidence return, his courage increase and his passion begin to burn. He also felt an enormous sense of pride and entitlement, and as he took a seat upon Leo’s throne, his ego swelled, his vanity escalated and a drama king was born.

While Mars is in Leo, he seeks the spotlight and wants to hear the sound of applause. He also tends to take everything personally and is quick to lash out in righteous indignation against anyone who disagrees, criticizes or opposes him. That’s why while Mars is in Leo, he can be an impatient bully who, when challenged, is at best combative and at worst, a tyrant.

Fortunately for Mars (and everyone else), while in Leo his heart expands as well, along with his magnanimous and fun-loving nature, creative abilities and passion for life. When he chooses to channel his ambition through these outlets, he achieves dazzling success in the arts, builds empires, spearheads noble causes and donates generously to those less fortunate. At his best, Mars in Leo is the planetary embodiment of joie de vivre.

Depending upon the circumstances, Mars in Leo may be a dictator or a benefactor, but whether he’s presiding over a reign of terror or a peaceable kingdom, the one thing he’ll never do is back down.

Mars will be in Leo from July 20 – September 5, 2017.

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