Transiting Saturn in Capricorn



December 19, 2017 – March 21, 2020
July 2, 2020 – December 15, 2020

No matter which sign of the zodiac claims you as its own, or what your chart is like for that matter, how you experience this Saturn cycle on a personal level depends largely on what you’ve been doing up until now.

For example, if your sign is highly favored by Saturn’s transit through Capricorn but you’ve done very little to further your goals, this transit won’t be handing out any big rewards. However, it will give you have the opportunity to make up for lost ground if you’re willing to work for it.

In contrast, if your sign isn’t one of the favored ones but you’ve been diligently working towards a goal, this transit can help propel you further by providing opportunities for growth (in the form of hard work) or by revealing the flaws in your plan (so you can correct them).

Saturn is about taking responsibility, and the truth is that no matter how wonderful or how burdensome any transit may be to your chart, it’s your own free will that decides what you make of it.

So now that you and Saturn understand each other, let’s take a peek at how each sign is likely to fare while the celestial taskmaster makes its way through Capricorn.


Who’s Favored

If you’re born under Taurus or Virgo, you can make great strides now. Your goals may be within reach, and/or a significant opportunity may present itself with little effort on your part. While others may view it as a lucky gift from the Universe, the truth is it’s the result of your past efforts. Don’t let feelings of satisfaction hold you back. This is a fortunate cycle that won’t be back anytime soon so be sure to make the most of it.


Who Gets Tested

If you’re born under Aries or Libra, expect a challenge that will test you in some way. If you’re on the wrong path, you’ll experience serious setbacks. If so, it may be time to pivot and/or cut your losses. However, if you’re on the right path, this challenge may serve as a catalyst that propels you to success.

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Who Gets Put on the Spot
If you’re born under Cancer, you’re likely to feel restricted in at least one area of your life. This cycle is meant for reassessment, and it’s possible that you may need to release something or someone from your life. If so, cut your losses, assess the damage and start planning your comeback.

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Who Skates by

If you’re born under Pisces or Scorpio, this period can be ripe with opportunities but you’ll need to seek them out and develop them. If you do nothing, you won’t suffer any ill effects during this transit, but since every Saturn cycle has a direct bearing on future ones, it’s best to give it your all.


Who Needs to Adjust

If you’re born under Gemini or Leo, you’re likely to experience a situation in some area of your life that makes you feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place. Is there a way out? Of course, but it’s going to require an adjustment that may feel a bit uncomfortable for you.

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Who Gets a Free Pass

If you’re born under Sagittarius or Aquarius, you won’t be on Saturn’s radar. For Archers, it’s a welcome respite after being in Saturn’s sights the past few years, and for Water Bearers, it’s the last hurrah before Saturn turns its attention on you.

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Who Gets a Second Chance

If you’re born under Capricorn, you’re wrapping up a cycle and depending on your past performance, this period will be a time of achievement or a time of disappointment.

Whatever is sound in your life will continue to go smoothy, but it will require considerable effort and persistence to achieve your goals. However, if you keep your eye on the prize and continue moving towards it, you’ll ultimately bring home the win.

In contrast, whatever isn’t sound will likely collapse. If you experience a personal and/or professional defeat, it’s critical that you understand what went wrong before you attempt to regroup. Otherwise, you’ll invest your time, energy and resources in yet another losing proposition.

Whether you rise or fall during this cycle, one thing is for certain: When this cycle ends, a new one begins and with new beginnings come second chances. If you experienced this period as a time of achievement, you get a second chance to prove your worth, and if you experienced it as a time of disappointment, you get a second chance to get it right.

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