Transiting Mercury in Aries

While Mercury is in Aries, he’s able to learn new subjects at lightning speed and finds it easy to think on his feet. However, he also tends to lose patience with anyone who fails to keep pace with him.

He’s also quick to anger and quick to answer, which means absent a few deep breaths, his tongue can sling barbs that inflict more than a little damage upon his target.

Aries100x100Consequently, while Mercury is in Aries we may find it easier to process new concepts and be motivated to study.  However, our patience with others is likely to wear thin more easily, and since we’re more likely to jump to conclusions, words are apt to fly out of our mouth that we’ll quickly regret.

As the first sign of the zodiac and the natural ruler of the first house, Aries’ focus is often on “me, myself and I,” and during this time, Mercury can be very self-centered.  In turn, our thoughts may be so focused on ourselves that we completely forget to consider others.

However, Aries is also an extremely noble sign that seeks to defend and protect others, and when its higher side is expressed, Mercury can be a knight in shining armor.

And so can we.


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