Transiting Mars Retrograde


While Mars is retrograde, its energy is turned inward, and just like any other transit, you make the most of it by working with the influence. In 2018, Mars stations retrograde on June 26 at at 9°13′ Aquarius and backpedals through through the zodiac until it stations direct at 28°37′ Capricorn on August 27.

So how do you make the most of it? By taking advantage of its upside, being aware of its downside and perhaps most of all, understanding the reality of it all.


This energy is best used introspectively. How so? For starters, Mars is an ego-driven planet, so while it’s retrograde, it’s a good time to re-examine your sense of self (ego). Does it need to be tamed or does it need to be heard?

Mars also rules ambition, initiation and assertion, so this can be a productive time for reassessing your goals and how you pursue them, as well your attitude towards taking leadership roles and promoting your own interests. Do you tend to run roughshod over others when pursuing your dreams, or do you miss opportunities because you hesitate act?

Since Mars rules anger, sexual desire and courage, this period favors reexamining how you express anger and physical intimacy. In terms of courage, it’s a good time to reconsider whether you could use a bit more nerve or if you need to reel it in.


Since Mars is the planet of action, the retrograde can put a damper on self-motivation so don’t be surprised if you find it harder to get things done. It’s also the planetary ruler of objects that are sharp, hot, inflammatory or dangerous, so extra care should be taken when handling such items.

It also rules physical energy, so it’s a good idea to check the strength of batteries in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, cameras, digital recorders and any other important device. On a similar note, Mars rules motors and engines, so if your car battery is on the way out, the retrograde may hasten its death.

Traditionally, when Mars (initiation, action, physical strength, sexual desire) is retrograde, it’s considered best NOT to:

• Launch a new business or other new venture
• Purchase a gym membership or start a new strength-building routine
• Begin a new sexual relationship
• Try a new barber or hairstylist
• Get a tattoo
• Start a construction or home improvement project
• Buy knives, scissors, firearms, power tools or products with motors or engines
• Undergo elective surgery

Why not? Well, according to astrological theory:

  • If you launch a new business or other new venture, you could end up with a false start on your hands.
  • When it comes to new barbers, hairstylists, tattoos and elective surgery, the hands of the person wielding the scalpel/scissors/needle aren’t that steady.
  • As for home improvement projects, power tools and sharp objects such as nails/spikes/saws are likely to be weak or defective, and hired contractors may fail to finish the job in a timely matter (or at all).
  • In terms of new gym memberships and workout routines, especially those involving strength training, odds are you’ll run out of steam and lose interest or if you don’t, the results will fall short of your expectations.
  • If you purchase new knives, scissors, firearms, power tools or products with motors or engines, they’re more likely to be defective while Mars is retrograde.
  • Sexual relationships that begin under Mars retrograde are likely to be disappointing or short-lived.


Life can’t always stop for retrogrades. Sometimes we just have to go forward, and sometimes we just don’t want to wait. Either way, this influence alone isn’t enough to doom anything. Delay it, yes. Doom it, no. If an epic fail does occur during this time, you can bet there are more astrological challenges to your chart besides Mars retrograde.

On the flip side, you may be under some wonderful transits or be impacted by one (or more) of the summer’s eclipses that could counteract, or at least mitigate, the retrograde energy.

And let’s not forget about karma. If a new lover enters your life during Mars retrograde, it may be new in this lifetime but spiritually speaking, this isn’t your first horizontal tango together. Whether you end up rekindling your love, settling an unresolved issue or even rejecting each other (again), this reunion is meant to serve a karmic purpose.

Last but not least, let’s not forget free will.  In the final analysis, your free will – the decisions you make and actions you take (or don’t) – always play role in the outcome.

Last Words

Retrograde transits are meant to make you uncomfortable. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t notice them and the gift they offer:  A second chance to get something right.

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