Transiting Mercury in Capricorn


While visiting the restless and freedom-loving sign of Sagittarius, Mercury took advantage of every opportunity to expand his knowledge, broaden his horizons and push some boundaries.

Although he enjoyed every minute in this friendly sign, the fleet-footed messenger soon began to realize that he was spreading himself a bit too thin and needed to brush up on his organizational skills.

So with his passport tucked securely under his hat, Mercury bid farewell to the ruler of foreign places (in several different languages of course) and cruised into Capricorn.

While Mercury is in Capricorn, our thought processes become more defined, our focus become sharper, and we think in practical terms.  We become more concerned with material issues and make mental notes in connection with our professional goals and personal ambitions. We also become more aware of our reputation and how our family, friends, co-workers, superiors and yes, even the public, views us.

That’s why whenever Mercury is in Capricorn, it’s an excellent time to examine our perception of success and review our professional and personal standing. If we’ve been unsure of our path, a productive use of this period would be to define our goals.

During this time, we may discover that we need to revise our plans or perhaps relinquish outdated ideas or relationships. If so, Mercury in Capricorn’s energy can help us brainstorm, set goals and make concrete plans for the future.

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