Transiting Mars in Libra


After weeks of working, serving and healing others, Mars was ready to call it a day and move on to a livelier destination where he could socialize, have some fun and, most of all, light a romantic fire or two.

So after he gave proper notice, washed his hands and hung up his toolkit, he headed into Libra where he knew relationships were sure to blossom.

However, when Mars is in Libra, he’s in the sign of his detriment which means he has to play by someone else’s rules. In Libra, Mars has to tone down the noise, the ego and the testosterone, because if he wants to succeed in the 7th house, he needs to be polished, poised and well-mannered.

He also needs to be balanced, which isn’t easy for him because he’s not used to intellectual analysis. With his fiery nature, he’s used to making decisions intuitively and immediately. However, once he tries his hand at it, he discovers that he’s a skillful negotiator, which is a welcome asset to someone who loves to win.

When  it comes to romance, Mars is about physical passion but much to his chagrin, the 7th house, the three-date rule applies which means he needs to court the object of his affection. Although patience isn’t his strong suit, Mars loves a challenge and when the prize is enticing, he always rises to the occasion.

Although Mars may not be at his best in Libra, he’s always the best he can be.

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