Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 2020

Just hours after the solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will merge their respective energies in a conjunction, a powerful aspect that represents endings and beginnings.

In and of itself, this conjunction is nothing new. Jupiter and Saturn routinely rendezvous every 20 years to close out one cycle and usher in a new one. However, what sets this one apart is that for the first time in 800 years, the conjunction is so close that it will create a visible illusion that the two planets are one brilliant star.

In short, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

What also sets it apart is that except for 1981 when it took place in Libra, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction has been taking place in earth signs for two centuries. When it occurs in Aquarius on December 21, it will kick off a 200-year cycle of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the air element, and the fact that it’s occurring at further illustrates that this is the dawn of a new era.

The earth element is associated with substance and the material plane, and its zodiac signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are practical, productive, security-minded and grounded. Looking back during the past 200-year cycle of conjunctions in earth signs, we’ve experienced industrial revolutions that brought about new forms of energy (electricity, gas, oil, nuclear power), tangible products and innovations (mass production) as well as consumerism, wealth accumulation and ownership. On the positive level, this cycle coincided with innovation, economic growth and improved living standards. Negatively, this cycle also coincided with materialism, debt and depletion of resources.

In contrast, the air element is associated with relationships and the intellectual plane, and its zodiac signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are perceptive, expressive and open-minded. Looking ahead, we can expect this air cycle to emphasize knowledge, communications, ideas as well as ideology concerning human and social relationships.

The air cycle will last for 200 years, but since this conjunction is occurring in Aquarius we’ll be feeling the Water Bearer’s influence for the next 20 years.

So what might we expect?

As the sign that rules altruism, social justice and society, the Water Bearer’s goal is to improve the human condition through progressive measures that create equality, promote community and level the playing field.

How will this be achieved? Mostly likely through Aquarius-ruled institutions and methods, such as government laws, large organizations (civic, labor, non-profits), technological innovations, collectivism, protests and possibly full-blown revolutions.

From March 21 – July 1, we had a preview of Saturn in Aquarius. During that time, government directives were issued that restricted social interaction (social distancing) which limited fellowship (houses of worship), social events (parties, family gatherings) and ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, funerals) and implemented remote learning. In the private sector, many companies followed suit and directed their employees to work from home. We also witnessed global protests in support of Black Lives Matter and social justice, and just as Saturn returned to Aquarius, there are two Covid-19 vaccines being rolled out that utilize mRNA technology.

As we go forward, we can expect the foregoing themes to continue in some shape or form during the next 20 years, we can also expect them to be featured prominently in 2021 and 2022. In addition to major advances in digital technology, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, we can expect digital currency and digital immunity passports to be hot-button issues.

It is important to be aware that negatively air signs are superficial, detached and insensitive. Since Aquarius focuses on the needs of the many over the needs of the few or the one, there may be times when we will need to remember sympathy, empathy and compassion if we want to hold on to what makes us human.

Last but not least, we can also expect to see changes in government systems. While it’s true that Aquarius is about individuality and originality, it also rules collectivism. Here in the USA, as well as in many other nations in the world, there’s a movement to adopt such systems, as well as resistance to it. During the next two decades, and especially the next two years, you can expect the definition of freedom and the scope of individual rights to be up for debate.

Getting Personal

When it comes to cycles, keep in mind that it’s always about working with the energy. And while It’s true that Jupiter and Saturn respectively represent expansion and limitation, faith and fear and abundance and lack, it’s also true that they represent success and mastery.

So how do you work with their energies to manifest that outcome?

It’s very simple. All you need to do is commit (Saturn) to success (Jupiter).

The house that holds the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in your horoscope describes the life areas that will be influenced by this long-term cycle. If you don’t know which house holds 0°31′ Aquarius in your chart, you can refer to the list below to find out where it falls in your solar (sun-sign based) chart.

If your Sun sign is:

Aries, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 11th house of hopes, goals, friends, networking, colleagues and group relationships.
Taurus, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 10th house of career, status and fame.
Gemini, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 9th house of higher knowledge, foreign travel, legal matters, media, publishing and grandchildren.
Cancer, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 8th house of intimacy and trust, other people’s money and support, jointly-held assets and personal transformation.
Leo, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 7th house of marriage and committed partnerships, law, clients and competitors.
Virgo, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 6th house of work, health, service and pets.
Libra, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 5th house of romance, children, creativity, fun and self-expression.
Scorpio, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 4th house of home, family, ancestry, real estate and private life.
Sagittarius, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 3rd house of communications, siblings, local community, short trips and transportation.
Capricorn, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 2nd house of money, income, values and self-worth.
Aquarius, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 1st house of the self, which includes your approach to life and your physical appearance.
Pisces, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will fall in your solar 12th house of secrets, privacy, past lives, karma healing and psychic abilities.

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