Transiting Jupiter in Pisces: Making Dreams Come True

After making a brief visit earlier this year (May 13 – July 27), transiting Jupiter returns to Pisces from December 28 – May 10, 2022. During that time, it will bestow its blessings on all 30 degrees of the Fish and help make more than a few dreams come true.

It will then make a brief visit to Aries before returning to Pisces on October 28, where it will deliver a second dose of goodness to those born with planets or points at the last degrees of the sign before it bids farewell to the Fish for another 12 years.

As the ancient ruler of the Fish, Jupiter (optimism, expansion, prosperity) is dignified (strong) in Pisces (vision, imagination, intuition, compassion, idealism), and that’s why on a collective level, we’re likely to hear encouraging news and big promises about a better future during this time. However, even the gentle Fish has a shadow side that’s depressive, fearful and deceptive, which means it’s also possible that we will hear discouraging news, fear mongering and outright lies.

Fortunately, the outlook is a lot more positive on a personal level. So which areas in your life are likely to receive Jupiter blessings?

While those of you born under Pisces or with a Pisces Ascendant will experience the best that Jupiter has to offer, those of you with planets or sensitive points in Pisces will also reap the benefits of Jupiter’s generosity.

As for the rest of you, Jupiter didn’t earn its title as the Greater Benefic by showing up empty handed, so you can also expect to experience the side of Jupiter in Pisces that can make a dream (or several) come true.

In fact, if you had a lucky break between January 18 – June 5, 2010 and/or September 9, 2010 – January 22, 2011 (the last time Jupiter was in Pisces), you may be in for a repeat performance!

Pisces Sun Sign

For those of you born under Pisces, at some point Jupiter will make a conjunction to your natal Sun. A conjunction is a powerful aspect that usually coincides with beginnings and/or endings. If it’s time for something to leave your life, Jupiter’s role as a planet of release can help that happen now, but since it’s primary role is to expand what it touches, you’re more likely to experience a new beginning that will come in the form of an opportunity.

What type of opportunities? Again, it depends on your personal horoscope, but it’s very common for Jupiter/Sun conjunctions to coincide with opportunities for romance, travel and social activities. Since the Sun describes how you enjoy expressing yourself, this energy can bring creative inspiration, motivate you to engage in a sport or learn a musical instrument or introduce you to an entertaining new hobby or pastime. Even if nothing spectacular happens, this is an optimistic, confidence boosting, feel good energy that promises to lift your spirits and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

Pisces Rising

If you were born with Pisces rising, at some point Jupiter will reach the degree of your Ascendant (it can be anywhere from 0° to 29°). Once it reaches your Ascendant, it will move through your first house, which marks the start of a major cycle of growth and expansion in your life.

Jupiter in Pisces

If you were born with Jupiter in Pisces, at some point you’ll experience your Jupiter return. A Jupiter return occurs when transiting Jupiter returns to the same place it occupies in your natal horoscope. Of all the planetary returns, this is the one that gets the most hype. Since Jupiter rules exaggeration, this is actually quite fitting, and truth be told, Jupiter often fails to deliver on grandiose promises.

So what can you expect from your Jupiter return? Well, that depends on the condition of your natal Jupiter. If your natal Jupiter and the aspects to it carry the potential for a huge financial windfall, there may be some big bucks on the way. If not, don’t count on your Jupiter return to bring you bundles of cash. Even if your return doesn’t bring you a happy Jupiter surprise, it will still bring you a clean slate and another 12-year opportunity to make the most of its natal promise.

Other Planets and Points

If you have any planets or sensitive points in Pisces (besides the Sun, Ascendant and Jupiter discussed above), at some point Jupiter will conjunct them. If so, here’s what you can expect if Jupiter conjuncts your:

Moon, you’re likely to feel happy, optimistic and secure and/or there could be a positive change in your home
Mercury, communications go smoothly now, and you may also have an opportunity to travel, teach, write or speak
Venus, your finances, love life and/or self-esteem may receive a boost
Mars, your enthusiasm, drive, energy and ability to tolerate risk are likely to be strong
Saturn, professional matters are likely to go smoothly and opportunity may come your way
Uranus, you may be in for some unexpected good fortune
Neptune, your imagination, intuition, compassion or imagination may soar
Pluto, your ambition and desire for control is likely to expand and you may get an opportunity that gives you more control in your life
Chiron, you may experience some type of healing in your life
North Node, a fated relationship may enter your life now
Midheaven, you may win an award, be promoted, receive a big job offer or find yourself in the public eye,

For Everyone

So which life areas are likely to experience growth, expansion and opportunities in your life? That depends upon which house Jupiter is visiting in your horoscope. If you don’t know which house the greater fortune will be visiting in your natal (birth) chart, you can use the Sun sign list below to find out which house it will be visiting in your solar (sun-sign based) house.

If your Sun sign is:

Aries, Jupiter is visiting your solar 12th house of spirituality, healing, past lives, subconscious beliefs, secrets and solitude. This is the last house before Jupiter comes to your Ascendant (first house) and begins a new 12-year cycle. As such, it’s the one where Jupiter’s gifts of release and vision are the most useful. After helping you release limiting thoughts and beliefs, it can help you replace them with a new vision. This cycle supports mind-body practices, as well as the development of creative, healing and intuitive abilities. While Jupiter is here, a daily practice of journaling may yield profound insights.

Taurus, Jupiter is visiting your solar 11th house of hopes, goals, casual friends, colleagues and group relationships. During this time, your social life can increase substantially through opportunities to mix and mingle with like-minded people. If you’ve ever considered volunteering in any capacity, this transit can get you involved in a fun way. Likewise, if you’re drawn to activism, this energy might get you out in the streets. Since this is also the house of hopes and goals, you can count on Jupiter to help you remember your dreams as well as inspire some new ones.

Gemini, Jupiter is visiting your solar 10th house of career, status and fame. This means that Jupiter is now at the top of your chart, and as it moves through the most visible sector of your horoscope, it can help you get noticed. This is an excellent cycle for promoting yourself. Although it’s unlikely to bring earth-shattering success (that comes with Saturn), it can enhance your reputation through a new job, promotion or award. You may also have the opportunity to expand or improve your career through additional training or education. This transit can also coincide with an expanded new personal status, such as becoming a spouse, parent, grandparent or the owner of a new home or business.

Cancer, Jupiter is visiting your solar 9th house of foreign travel, higher education, law, media and grandchildren. Opportunities for long-distance travel are common when Jupiter is here. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, Jupiter is on your side now. If you or a family member are looking at colleges (as a student or an employee), a good opportunity may present itself from an out-of-state university. This is an excellent time to publish a book (or anything else that can be published such as a podcast or a website), and activities connected to marketing, law and broadcast media are also favored. Last but not least, some of you could be welcoming a grandchild into the family.

Leo, Jupiter is visiting your solar 8th house of intimacy, other people’s money and support, jointly-held assets and transformation. During this time, money may come to you outside of a salary, such as client money, commissions, bonuses, royalties, gifts, lottery winnings and your partner’s salary. Inheritance, trust distributions, pensions, social security, unemployment and other public assistance programs also fall in this category. Since this is the house of debt, be careful because you could accrue substantial debt while Jupiter is here. On a more positive note, it’s possible that you could release debt by paying it off or, depending on your circumstances, discharging it via bankruptcy. Income taxes live here as well, and the presence of Jupiter can coincide with a big refund or a big bill. Since this house rules scholarships, grants and financial aid, if you’re going to college (or have a child who is), be sure to get your application in early, because Jupiter could coincide with a big award. Last but not least, Jupiter’s presence here can expand your interest in occult and/or metaphysical topics.

Virgo, Jupiter is visiting your solar 7th house of marriage, committed relationships, professional partnerships, lawsuits, and all types of one-to-one relationships. During this time, Jupiter can bring one or more significant relationships into your life, especially a romantic one. If there are any unions in your life that have run their course, they may be released while Jupiter is here, and if so, it’s usually amicable. Turning to business, if you’re in a client-driven business, Jupiter can help you attract and cultivate clientele. Should you need assistance in any area of your life, get the word out because this energy can attract helpful people to you. This cycle also favors legal affairs and can give you an edge when dealing with adversaries and competitors.

Libra, Jupiter is visiting your solar 6th house of work, health, service and pets. If you’re looking for a job, good news! While here, Jupiter supports job hunting; however, it’s more likely to bring an opening for a lateral position. You can also count on Jupiter’s assistance if you need to hire an employee, personal assistant, dog walker or any type of household help. Since this is the house of diet, exercise and nutrition, it can be a bit challenging to lose weight while the planet of excess is here. Although this is considered a very positive cycle for healing and physical health, should you experience a health issue now it’s important to stay on top of it, because although rare, Jupiter’s expansive side could enlarge it. On another note, this is a fortunate cycle for welcoming a pet into your home.

Scorpio, Jupiter is visiting your solar 5th house of romance, children, creativity and social affairs. When Jupiter comes to the 5th house, it usually brings quite a bit of fun along with it. This cycle is about expanding your life through activities that bring you pleasure. There could be a new romance, or a rekindling of a current one, that makes you feel like you’re 16 again. This transit may also inspire your creativity or motivate you to discover new interests. Children may assume a more prominent role, and on that note, there could be news of a pregnancy. Since this house rules gambling and speculation, Jupiter’s presence could bring you some luck but you need to set limits or else its expansive side could see you wasting a lot of your hard earned money.

Sagittarius, Jupiter is visiting your solar 4th house of home, family, real estate, parents and intuition. There may be serious talk of changing your home or office. Although it usually takes more than just Jupiter here to make it happen, if you make a move during this time it will probably be to a bigger place. Even if you don’t move, there are likely to be some changes on the domestic front. Someone may move in, or you may decide to redecorate, remodel, plant a vegetable garden or do some serious landscaping. You could also find yourself interested in your family tree or become more involved in a parent’s life.

Capricorn, Jupiter is visiting your solar 3rd house of siblings, short trips, transportation and all types of communications. This Jupiter cycle favors learning speaking, teaching, writing and negotiating, so if you’re involved in any of these fields, it’s likely to be a very productive period. On a similar note, if you’ve been talking about to writing a book, this may be the time you finally sit down and do it.  Opportunities for weekend getaways and other short trips are likely, and if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you’re likely to go for the more expensive model. Finally, siblings, cousins or even neighbors could play a more active role in your life now.

Aquarius, the Jupiter is visiting your solar 2nd house of money, income, values and self-worth. A salary increase is likely now, and since this is a financial house, you could decide it’s time to get serious about money by adding to your nest egg (or creating one). Since Jupiter inspires generosity, you may find that you spend more easily, and if you’ve had your eye on a big purchase, odds are strong you’ll do it while Jupiter is here. On another note, the buoyant nature of Jupiter in the house of self-esteem suggests that your sense of self-worth will be getting a boost.

Pisces, Jupiter in Pisces is visiting your solar 1st house of the Self, which includes your physical body, appearance and overall attitude and approach to life. It’s time for a fresh start! This is one of the most fortunate cycles, because Jupiter’s presence can help new doors to open in any area of your life. It’s also one of the best transits for personal relationships. If a new romance begins under this energy, it may be a keeper, and for those of you who have been dating for a while, you may decide to make it legal. Opportunities to expand your life through travel, education and relocation are also possible. This is an optimistic time that favors new beginnings, and you can expect to feel confidence in yourself, as well as your appearance. Most important, while Jupiter is here, you’re more likely to get what you want, so don’t be shy about asking!


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