Jupiter in Aries


May 10 – October 28, 2022
December 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023

On May 10, Jupiter enters the pioneering sign of Aries, where it will spend the next several months blazing a new path, seizing opportunities and advocating on its own behalf.

Jupiter represents the principle of growth and expansion, as well as the urge to evolve, and while it’s in the sign of the Self, there’s an emphasis on personal growth. During this time, the cosmos is giving you a green light to focus on yourself, and that includes your wants, needs, hopes and dreams. It’s time to take a giant step forward, act on your own behalf and if necessary, fight for what you deserve.

While Jupiter is in Aries, it will expand the Ram’s courage, initiative, ambition, resourcefulness and leadership ability. However, since Jupiter is the planet of higher knowledge, it will also infuse it with a dose of wisdom.

And that wisdom will be needed, because negatively Aries has a well-deserved reputation for being selfish, impulsive and a hothead, and yes, Jupiter will expand those qualities as well.

Wisdom will also be needed on the national and international level, because while Jupiter is in the sign of war, the likelihood of military actions and violent protests in the name of justice are likely to increase.

Besides being one of the planetary rulers of justice (Venus is the other), Jupiter also rules religion, cultures, laws, the higher courts, international trade and foreign relations, so conflicts are likely to emerge in connection with these areas.

While Jupiter rules truth (and the search for truth), it also rules propaganda, which increases the likelihood of headlines that exaggerate (Jupiter) the facts, and since it’s in Aries, it increases the odds of impulsive acts of violence (Aries) in the name of justice.

Both personally and collectively, it’s important to look before we leap while Jupiter is in Aries. If we do, we can realize a significant level of growth during this cycle.

While Aries individuals will reap the biggest benefits at this time, those born under Leo or Sagittarius can also expect to benefit greatly from Jupiter’s blessings.

As for the rest of you, the good news is that you can expect Jupiter in Aries to usher in an opportunity to initiate something big in your life, and if it doesn’t happen this year, you’ll have a second chance when Jupiter is back in Aries from December 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023.

Which one? That depends on which house Jupiter is visiting in your horoscope. If you don’t know where Jupiter is in your chart, you can refer to the list below to find out which house Jupiter in Aries is visiting in your solar (sun-sign based) horoscope.

If your Sun sign is:

Aries, transiting Jupiter is in your 1st house (your physical body, attitude towards life).
Taurus, transiting Jupiter is in your 12th house (spirituality, creativity, mental health, addictions, privacy).
Gemini, transiting Jupiter is in your 11th house (groups, associations, hopes, casual friends, colleagues).
Cancer, transiting Jupiter is in your 10th house (career, fame, status, reputation).
Leo, transiting Jupiter is in your 9th house (education, law, religion, foreign and long-distance travel, publishing).
Virgo, transiting Jupiter is in your 8th house (intimacy, shared resources, other people’s support, birth, death, estate matters).
Libra, transiting Jupiter is in your 7th house (marriage and all one-to-one relationships including best friends, adversaries, business partners and clients).
Scorpio, transiting Jupiter is in your 6th house (health, work, pets, diet, nutrition).
Sagittarius, transiting Jupiter is in your 5th house (romance, children, creative self-expression, entertainment).
Capricorn, transiting Jupiter is in your 4th house (home, family, real estate, parents).
Aquarius, transiting Jupiter is in your solar 3rd house (siblings, neighbors, short trips, cars, contracts, negotiations).
Pisces, transiting Jupiter is in your 2nd house (income, spending, personal values, self-esteem, tangible assets).

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