My Story

DACSo how did an attorney end up becoming an astrologer? That’s the question I’m most frequently asked, but in reality it’s the other way around; the astrologer became an attorney.

My passion for astrology began at 16 when I read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Although I didn’t understand it at the time, it ignited something in me and that something was connected to my life purpose. Becoming a professional astrologer was unheard of back then, but even so, the thought of becoming a professional anything never entered my head. My only goal was to get married, buy a home and work until I could be a stay-at-home mom. Eventually it all came to pass, but had I understood my chart at the time, I would have realized my soul had other plans.

Astrology came easily to me, and in 1989 after many years of independent study, I established myself as a professional astrologer. While I loved the work, it was far from lucrative.  I moved in with my parents later that year so I could return to college and pursue a career as a therapist. I had a vision; I had a plan; and I was ready to make it happen. Then all hell broke loose.

Into the Inferno

Most crises don’t involve just one person. Mine was no exception, and in respect for their privacy, it will have to suffice to say that I endured one that ultimately spanned seven years, three courts and six figures. While this experience motivated me to become an attorney, it was the practical application of my first profession – astrology – that helped me cope with it.

Anchored in Astrology

Astrology was the anchor that sustained me during these turbulent years. I saw the connection between the planetary energies and the drama that consumed that my life, and I knew how to work with them, which helped me decide when to act and when to sit tight. I also knew when each one would end, as well as when the planetary tide was going to turn in my favor. Throughout this ordeal, I relied on astrology, and it never let me down.

Rising from the Ashes

lady-justiceApproximately three years after the initial crisis, I had regained some stability in my life. I was ready to rebuild and eager to make up for lost time, so I picked up where I left off and enrolled in college. I needed to complete three years; I did it in two and graduated summa cum laude with a double major in American History and Literature. I received a partial scholarship to law school, where I served as Managing Editor of the family law journal, program coordinator for the divorce education program and published two articles. Continuing a pattern, I graduated six months early with top honors in family law, juvenile justice and advocacy and litigation; shortly after I passed the New York State bar. Although I never abandoned astrology, for the next 10 years it took a backseat to law.

Becoming Whole

Outwardly I was thriving, but inwardly I was fractured. The deepest wounds aren’t visible to the naked eye; they’re buried deep within our psyche. My endeavor to heal them led me down a metaphysical path, and for the next few years, I studied life-changing spiritual practices that ultimately soothed my soul, restored my faith and helped me heal my life.

Living with Purpose 

I believe that every soul comes here with a purpose. I also believe that if we wander too far astray from it, the heavens will ensure that you find your way back. That was certainly the case for me when I found myself suddenly unemployed. Months earlier when Pluto had contacted my income ruler, I was hired by a prestigious law firm, and when it contacted it again, it took it away.  By this point in my life, I understood Pluto very well, and I knew I had to surrender to it. I also knew that when Pluto takes something away, it’s because it’s no longer aligned with our soul’s purpose, and that it would ultimately fill this void with something better.anchored-logo-2016-700

I decided to focus on my astrology practice until Pluto unveiled its next big thing to me, and it did a few months later I happened to stumble onto a website after clicking a link in a spiritual newsletter. I knew I was led there for a reason, and on December 5, 2008, Anchored in Astrology premiered on ContactTalkRadio. The name was more than just a catchy title; it was a tribute to the celestial wisdom that helped me maintain my sanity while guiding me through the most trying time of my life.

It had been 18 years since I first established myself as a professional astrologer, and here I was hosting a weekly radio show without any on air experience or ever having listened to a single podcast. The show was a hit, and thanks to the Internet, I was working with clients all over the world. For the next three years, I taught astrology to a global audience, gave mini-readings to live callers and interviewed astrologers, mediums, psychics and spiritual teachers including Arielle Ford, Lisa Williams and Gay Hendricks. I had reclaimed my passion, and this time I embraced the work my soul came here to do.


I used to question why I had to endure as much as I did and for as long as I did only to end up back where I started. What was the purpose? What was it I was I supposed to learn? After all, there had to be others ways to get me there, including one that would have spared me the trip to hell and back.

It was by working with my clients, especially those in the midst of crises or major transitions, that the answer was revealed to me. Over the course of seven years, my first-hand experience with Plutonian trauma and transformation, Uranian upheaval and courage, Neptunian fear and faith, and Saturnian persistence and reward gave me profound insights into these powerful energies, and this perspective enabled me to counsel them more effectively. I could truly understand the depth of their pain and fears because I had lived it, but more than that, they could trust me when I spoke of rebirth, renewal and a fulfilling life, because I was living proof of it.

While I would have preferred a less grueling lesson plan, I trust that my soul knew what it was doing, because it gave me what I needed to fulfill my earthly purpose. For that – and for all who support me – I will always be thankful.

May Jupiter’s blessings be your constant companion,

Debra Anne Clement