Astrology Readings


Natal Chart Analysis & 12-Month Forecast (90 Minutes)

During this reading I’ll touch on all life areas, but we’ll focus mainly on the ones that are the most important to you. The purpose of this session is to give you clarity about what you need to feel happy, secure and fulfilled, as well as identify challenges and patterns that are blocking your happiness and offer practical guidance for overcoming them. You’ll also receive precise time frames and intuitive guidance that will help you work with the upcoming energies to your chart so you can make the most of them.


Annual Forecast (60 Minutes) – Returning Clients Only

You’ll gain a deep understanding of how the upcoming planetary activity to your horoscope is likely to influence your life during the next 12 months, especially the ones that will be highly activated or targeted for change. You’ll receive precise time frames to alert you to periods that are ripe for opportunities and action, as well as periods that may require patience or coincide with a challenge or signify a major event or shift in your life. I’ll also address your specific questions and concerns and offer personalized guidance to help you make the most of the upcoming energies.


Parenting Insights (50-60 minutes)

Whether you’re parenting an infant, toddler, child or teenager, you’ll come away from this reading with a new understanding that will help you better nurture, communicate and support your offspring.  During this reading, you’ll discover what your youngster needs to feel secure in this life and how best to soothe and comfort your bundle of joy. You’ll also learn about your child’s thought processes so you can better communicate and support his/her learning style, and if applicable, be made aware of any potential health issues. Finally, I’ll discuss talents and abilities that should be encouraged, alert you to any personality traits that may need to be addressed and offer insight into your child’s most important soul lesson.