Full Moon in Libra: Balancing Relationships


Full Moon in Libra: Balancing Relationships     The full moon on Saturday, March 31, 2018 takes place in Libra, which means the spotlight is on committed relationships. Not ones involving Mr. or Ms. Right Now (that’s Leo) or casual friends (that’s Aquarius) but your serious one-to-one relationships. […]


Transiting Mercury in Aries

Aries100x100 TRANSITING MERCURY IN ARIES Although his thought process becomes even faster and he is able to learn new subjects at lightning speed, while in Aries Mercury tends to lose patience with anyone who fails to keep pace with him. He is also quick to anger and quick [...]READ MORE

Transiting Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn TRANSITING SATURN IN CAPRICORN December 19, 2017 - March 21, 2020 July 2, 2020 - December 15, 2020 No matter which sign of the zodiac claims you as its own, or what your chart is like for that matter, how you experience this Saturn cycle on a [...]READ MORE

Transiting Mars in Leo

Medieval warrior on the throne on background of the moon

Transiting Mars in Leo   After weeks of feeling depleted while Cancer, Mars was more than happy to exit the sign of its fall and enter the fiery, passionate and dramatic sign of Leo. As he sauntered into the Lion’s den, Mars could feel his confidence return, his […]


Transiting Mars in Taurus

Pensive medieval grandee with the dugger in one hand is thinking in the dark room.

Transiting Mars in Taurus       Representing the God of War, Mars is one macho planet. However, according to astrological theory, whenever he’s in the feminine, sensual and self-indulgent sign of Taurus, he’s reduced to a weakened state not unlike that of Samson after losing his locks […]


New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius: A Flag is Seen Turning into an Eagle       When I sat down to write about the January 27th Aquarius new moon, something about it seemed familiar. I couldn’t place it, but I felt as though I had seen this chart […]


Transiting Mars in Aries

Transiting Mars in Aries Emotionally waterlogged from being immersed in sea of tranquility while in Pisces, Mars knew that if he remained he would be condemned to spend the rest of his life as a sensitive man. Unwilling to accept such a fate, with sword in hand he bid a […]


Neptune Stations Direct

Transiting Neptune Stations Direct   While Neptune was retrograde, we were being guided to distinguish between genuine vision and self-deception.  As Neptune moves forward, the fog that once protected us will burn off, your ego will be exposed, and you’ll find yourself forced to exist in the glaring light of […]


Mars in Aquarius


Transiting Mars in Aquarius   After scaling the mountain of success while Capricorn, Mars stood upon its peak. Taking in the view, he felt proud of all he accomplished in the business world, but knew it was time to hand in his resignation and move on to a new […]


New Moon in Scorpio Brings Renewal


New Moon in Scorpio Brings Renewal         This month’s powerful Scorpio new moon is the perfect antidote for the toxic energies that were introduced by September’s explosive eclipses and reinforced by October’s angry full moon. Like all new moons, this one invites you to […]

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