The Sun Always Shines, Even in the Twelfth House


Whenever I see a chart with the Sun in the twelfth house, I immediately know that this person has a gift to share with the world. It may be in the fine arts (e.g., painting, sculpting), the dramatic arts (e.g., acting, dancing, directing), the creative arts (e.g. writing, […]


Michael Jackson: Pluto’s Child

michael jackson

So…I guess losing Farrah wasn’t enough for one day? One would think the Universe would have shown her the same courtesy as it did for Princess Diana.  After all, if memory serves me correctly, Mother Theresa didn’t pass away until five days later. Although I questioned many […]


She’s Heaven’s Angel Now

Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett’s transition touched me on a deep level. Perhaps it’s because I associate her so strongly with my youth, and her passing reminds me that it too has passed. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always admired how she believed in herself, created her own path despite the […]