Chiron Retrograde in Aries (2023)

Chiron’s wound was always his agony, and he endured it the end of his mortal life. Chiron’s gift was to Prometheus, whose life was healed of its own agony and gave meaning to the centaur’s death. Likewise, despite making us aware of our wounds, transiting Chiron doesn’t show us how to heal them but if we look within when it’s retrograde, we have an opportunity to recognize ways to give meaning to them.

Jupiter in Aries

May 10 – October 28, 2022 December 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023 On May 10, Jupiter enters the pioneering sign of Aries, where it will spend the next several months blazing a new path, seizing opportunities and advocating on its own behalf. Jupiter represents the principle of growth and expansion, as well as the…

Transiting Mars in Aries

Emotionally waterlogged from being immersed in sea of tranquility while in Pisces, Mars knew that if he remained he would be condemned to spend the rest of his life as a sensitive man. Unwilling to accept such a fate, with sword in hand he bid a brusque farewell to the Fish and marched straight into Aries where he received…

Venus in Aries

After basking in the sign of her exaltation for the past few weeks, it was time for Venus to stop resting on her laurels and start blazing a new trail. In short, it was time to enter Aries.

As the planetary ruler of the seventh house, Venus presides over committed relationships, and given the Ram’s bold, passionate and forthright nature, while in Aries she takes an assertive approach to romance.