Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2019


Ep. 39 – Shortcut to the Soul Podcast Debra discusses the meaning of the July 2019 solar eclipse and offers insights into its potential  influence on each of the 12 signs.          


Transiting Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes

Nov. 6, 2018 – Apr. 21, 2020 (True Node) On a mundane level, the transiting nodes speak to themes we experience on a collective level. So what does their shift for the next 18 months into Cancer and Capricorn suggest for the future? Although they oppose each […]


Summer Solstice


In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice occurs when the Sun enters Cancer.  As it announces summer, it represents the mid-year point, and as such, it signals a time for us to pause and consider just what we’ve been doing for the past six months. Did we […]


Venus in Cancer

Segni zodiacali - Cancro After several weeks of non-stop activity in Gemini, it was time for Venus to check out of the sign of perpetual motion and into the cozy, soothing and nurturing atmosphere that Cancer calls home. Thanks to her rulership of Taurus, Venus has an earthy side that enjoys  a comfortable home, hearty meals [...]READ MORE

Transiting Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer

As the planetary ruler of war, Mars is used to wearing armor and wielding swords, so when the Crab told him to don an apron, the hot water wasn’t the only thing that came to a boil. That Mars and Cancer were at odds with each other […]


Mercury in Cancer


Although he loved being in Gemini, Mercury’s restless spirit inspired him to leave the comfort of his own sign and continue to explore the rest of the zodiac. As it happened, the next stop on his celestial itinerary would put his renowned adaptability to the test as […]


Happy Birthday, Cancer: Celebrating the Crab


The Ram, the Bull, the Lion and the Scorpion. Each one is powerful, intimidating and even deadly in its own way. And then there’s the Crab. While it’s true that its pincers can cause excruciating pain, the Crab does not inspire awe or fear as does a charging ram, […]