Transiting Mercury in Capricorn


Transiting Mercury in Capricorn While visiting the restless and freedom-living sign of Sagittarius, Mercury took advantage of every opportunity to expand his knowledge, broaden his horizons and push some boundaries. Although he enjoyed every minute in this friendly and sociable sign, the fleet-footed messenger soon began to […]


Transiting Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes

Transiting Lunar Nodes Nov. 6, 2018 – Apr. 21, 2020 (True Node) On a mundane level, the transiting nodes speak to themes we experience on a collective level. So what does their shift for the next 18 months into Cancer and Capricorn suggest for the future? Although […]


Transiting Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn TRANSITING SATURN IN CAPRICORN December 19, 2017 - March 21, 2020 July 2, 2020 - December 15, 2020 No matter which sign of the zodiac claims you as its own, or what your chart is like for that matter, how you experience this Saturn cycle on a [...]READ MORE

Planetary Aftershocks: Uranus & Pluto Make Good on Their Promise

Planetary Aftershocks: Uranus & Pluto Make Good on Their Promise   The first half of the year is behind us, and with six months still to go, 2016 has already proved to be quite a year. There were more than a few shockwaves as Donald Trump emerged […]


New Moon in Cancer


July 4th: New Moon in Cancer   New moons are exciting, because they represent a new beginning. Each month, there’s an opportunity to plant intentions or initiate activities under an energy that promotes growth. What makes this new moon special is that it’s the first once since April […]


Transiting Venus in Capricorn

Segni zodiacali - Capricorno

Transiting Venus in Capricorn   After spending the past few weeks in the friendly, optimistic and easygoing sign of Sagittarius, it was time for Venus to end her vacation and get back to work. As she slipped out of the Archer’s casual attire and into a conservatively cut yet elegant designer […]


Mars in Capricorn

Young hunky business man

Transiting Mars in Capricorn   Confident that he learned everything he needed to know while he was in Sagittarius, Mars packed up camp and sauntered into Capricorn, where he’ll devote the next six weeks to climbing up the ladder of success. As the planetary pioneer of the zodiac, […]