September Equinox

Each year, the September equinox marks the exact moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south. In doing so, it declares the arrival of autumn in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of spring in the southern one. It also marks the Libra ingress. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, and especially those who experience four…

The Spiritual Meaning of the March Equinox

Although the March equinox coincides with different physical seasons depending on where one lives in the world, it brings the same metaphysical season to everyone no matter which hemisphere we call home.

Each year, we experience renewal on a spiritual level as the Sun, which represents our heart and soul enters Aries, the sign of I AM, and reminds us that we have the power to initiate, create and manifest our dreams.

The Autumn Equinox

The 0° point of Libra proclaims the Autumn Equinox, but the Sun’s entry into the sign of balance announces much more than the beginning of fall. It also marks the end of summer and the period of external growth associated with it such as agricultural crops, livestock births and increased social interactions. Consequently, autumn is the…