Transiting Mercury in Aries

Aries100x100 TRANSITING MERCURY IN ARIES Although his thought process becomes even faster and he is able to learn new subjects at lightning speed, while in Aries Mercury tends to lose patience with anyone who fails to keep pace with him. He is also quick to anger and quick [...]READ MORE

Mercury in Virgo

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Transiting Mercury in Virgo After just three weeks in the Lion’s den, Mercury was feeling burned out from the intensity of Leo’s spotlight. Though it was fun while it lasted, it was time to check out of the sign of passionate pursuits and into the sign of health and wellness, […]


Mars Triggers Turkish Coup

Mars Triggers Turkish Coup   Breaking news:  President Erdoğan urges the public to take to the streets as the military makes an attempt to seize control of the Turkish government. Welcome to the continuing aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto squares. Here’s the astrology behind the coup: Transiting Uranus (anarchy, revolution, […]


Mercury In Gemini


  Mercury in Gemini After spending several weeks in the cautious, pragmatic and contemplative sign of Taurus, Mercury returned to Gemini and the comfort of his own home. While his wings weren’t exactly clipped during his passage in Taurus, he was certainly forced to slow down as his […]


Mercury in Leo: Hear Me Roar

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Mercury in Leo: Hear Me Roar After spending several weeks in Cancer’s cozy, quiet and sensitive world, it was time for Mercury to wring out his watery wings and bask in the warmth of the Sun. From the moment Mercury crossed into the Lion’s den, he felt an urge to […]


Mercury in Cancer


After spending time in the comfort of his own sign, Mercury’s restless spirit was ready for a change of scenery. Although he’s always eager to explore new horizons, the next stop on Mercury’s celestial itinerary will put his renowned adaptability to the test. For the next four […]


Mercury in Aquarius

Transiting Mercury in Aquarius   After spending more than nine long weeks in Capricorn’s practical, conventional and status-conscious tenth house, Mercury bid farewell to the Seagoat and bolted straight into Aquarius where he could color outside the lines, think outside the box and experience the joys of life as a non-conformist. […]


Mercury in Sagittarius


Transiting Mercury in Sagittarius   After spending several intense weeks learning about the mysteries of life in Scorpio, Mercury was ready to bring his newfound knowledge into the light of day. He was also eager to share it with the world, which is why upon exiting the Underworld, […]


Mercury in Scorpio

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Mercury in Scorpio After barely more than two weeks of Libra’s lighthearted relationships and superficial discussions, Mercury craved something more substantial. Eager to indulge his curiosity and exercise his mental muscles, Mercury bid farewell to the sign of hospitality and flew straight towards the sign that holds all the answers to the mysteries of […]


Mercury in Libra

Libra Scales

After spending just short of ten full weeks in Virgo’s boot camp (three of which were spent backpedaling in retrograde motion), Mercury was more than ready to abandon his Virgo duty roster in favor of Libra social gatherings.  Although he certainly appreciates his earthy home, Mercury’s airy side prefers […]

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