Neptune Stations Direct

While Neptune was retrograde, you were being guided to distinguish between genuine vision and self-deception. Now, as it moves forward and the fog that once protected you burns off, your discernment will be put to the test. If you allowed your soul to lead the way, you’ll come […]


Pisces Lunar Eclipse


I’m not going to mince words. The energy of the upcoming lunar eclipse at 24°20′ Pisces on September 16th suggests that something is going to end with a bang. The question is will it sound like a champagne cork or an explosion? At the heart of this […]


Transiting Neptune Retrograde


It bewilders. It beguiles. It can be a visionary. It can be a fraud. In its highest form, Neptune is the planet of intuition, inspiration, and spiritual awakening; and in its lowest form, it is the planet of illusion, confusion and deception. While Neptune is retrograde, it signals […]


Venus in Pisces

Illustration of pisces astrological sign as a beautiful girl Although the airy side of Venus reveled in her independence and enjoyed the new experiences she encountered while in Aquarius, her earthy side eventually found it's detached, impersonal nature too cool for comfort. Longing to be cradled in a sea of emotional warmth, she bid the Water Bearer farewell and dove headlong into [...]READ MORE

Mars in Pisces


After fighting the good fight in Aquarius and being celebrated as a rebel with a cause, it was time for Mars to bid farewell to the sign of unpredictability and become acquainted with the sign of tranquility. Taking several big breaths, Mars dove into the watery world […]


Mercury in Pisces


After attending one too many Mensa meetings while in the brilliant sign of Aquarius, Mercury began to experience an intellectual overload. Knowing that his attention span could not possibly last another moment longer, and fearing that his brain would explode if it did, Mercury bolted out of […]


Neptune in Pisces


As I consider the public enthusiasm about Neptune’s transit through Pisces, I find myself wondering whether we’re truly riding a wave or just drowning in optimism. As I write this, I can hear my Pisces friend Steve saying, “There she goes bashing Neptune again.” He’s right. I […]