Uranus Stations Retrograde in Taurus


Ep. 41 – Shortcut to the Soul Podcast On August 11, Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. Tune in as Debra shares some of the ways each sign can make the most of this reflective cycle.          


Transiting Uranus in Taurus


Ep. 29 – Shortcut to the Soul Podcast After briefly discussing the likely influence of Uranus in Taurus on the collective level, Debra dives into what this transit is likely to mean for you! Tune in as she shares her insights into Uranus aspects to the natal planets in your […]


Uranus in Taurus: It’s Not Just About Money

smart home and voice assistance system concept diagram, speech recognition, voice recognizer

Uranus is the planetary ruler of technology, and as it makes its way through the luxury-loving sign of the Bull, many of us will be forced to choose what we value most: the ease provided by modern technologies or the security afforded by protecting our privacy. Less […]


Transiting Uranus in Taurus through the Houses

Uranus planet symbol background. Bohemian style During the next several years, transiting Uranus in Taurus will revolutionize one or more areas of your life. Which ones? To find out, one needs to look to the life areas described by the house that transiting Uranus is visiting in the chart to see which one (or ones) [...]READ MORE

Transiting Uranus in Taurus

uranus-2676694_1920 On  May 15, Uranus returned to Taurus for the first time in 84 years, where it will remain for approximately 5 months before retrograding back into Aries on November 6. During this time, some of you may get a preview of what's to come when Uranus moves [...]READ MORE

Uranus: Breaking Barriers, Shattering Ceilings


 The day before Uranus, the planet of equality, liberation and social progress paused to station retrograde, Hillary Clinton made history by breaking the nation’s highest glass ceiling when she accepted her party’s nomination for President. Although other women previously ran for President, she’s the first one to run as the […]


Mars Triggers Turkish Coup

Breaking news:  President Erdoğan urges the public to take to the streets as the military makes an attempt to seize control of the Turkish government. Welcome to the continuing aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto squares. Here’s the astrology behind the coup: Transiting Uranus (anarchy, revolution, chaos) is opposing (confronting) Mercury […]


Planetary Aftershocks: Uranus & Pluto Make Good on Their Promise

The first half of the year is behind us, and with six months still to go, 2016 has already proved to be quite a year. There were more than a few shockwaves as Donald Trump emerged as the presumptive Republican nominee, Bernie Sanders scored a number of […]


Casualties of the Uranus-Pluto Square

brother can you spare a dime_31Dec08

On September 19, Uranus and Pluto, planets of chaos and crisis, will form an exact square, and in predictive astrology it’s an established principle that by the time an aspect becomes exact the related events have already occurred. When the assaults that resulted in the murders of […]


Uranus Square Pluto: Clash of the Titans

Newton balls

At 4:14 AM EDT today, Uranus and Pluto formed an exact square, an aspect they will engage in six more times between now and March 2015. Known as the Great Awakener, Uranus enlightens and liberates whatever it touches, but as a planet of extremes, the road to illumination […]