Venus in Virgo

segni zodiacali astratti -  vergine

  Venus in Virgo How does the goddess of love fare in the sign of the Maiden?         After more than three weeks of flirting, partying and shopping while in Leo, Venus knew it was time to trade the Lion’s den in for a new environment, one […]


Venus in Cancer

Segni zodiacali - Cancro

Transiting Venus in Cancer   After several weeks of non-stop activity in Gemini, it was time for Venus to check out of the sign of perpetual motion and into the cozy, soothing and nurturing atmosphere that Cancer calls home. Thanks to her rulership of Taurus, Venus has an earthy side that enjoys  […]


Venus in Gemini


Venus in Gemini Having satisfied her physical appetites while in Taurus, a sign she calls home, it was time for Venus to visit Gemini and indulge her mind. Although one might think that Venus would be homesick for the Bull’s earthy delights and passionate nights, this pleasure-loving planet feels very much at ease in […]


Venus in Taurus: The Original Material Girl

taurus fashion girl

While in Aries, Venus enjoyed instant gratification, but after several weeks of romantic conquests and impulsive purchases, it was time to sit down and pay the bills so with fond memories, she packed her retail therapy into her new suitcase and glided into Taurus. Like Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, Venus wears […]


Venus in Aries

segni zodiacali- ariete

Transiting Venus in Aries   After basking in the sign of her exaltation for the past few weeks, it was time for Venus to stop resting on her laurels and start blazing a new trail. In other words, it was time to enter Aries. As the planetary ruler […]


Transiting Venus in Capricorn

Segni zodiacali - Capricorno

Transiting Venus in Capricorn   After spending the past few weeks in the friendly, optimistic and easygoing sign of Sagittarius, it was time for Venus to end her vacation and get back to work. As she slipped out of the Archer’s casual attire and into a conservatively cut yet elegant designer […]


Venus in Pisces

Segni zodiacali - Pesci Transiting Venus in Pisces Although the airy side of Venus reveled in her independence and enjoyed the new experiences she encountered while in Aquarius, her earthy side eventually found it's detached, impersonal nature too cool for comfort. Longing to be cradled in a sea of emotional warmth, she bid the Water Bearer [...]READ MORE

Venus in Aquarius

Segni zodiacali - Acquario

Transiting Venus in Aquarius   After weeks of power lunches, networking dinners and more than a few games of one-upmanship, Venus grew weary of Capricorn’s ambitious, status-conscious world of mostly work and little play.  Tired of working weekends, Venus knew it was time to rebel and thumbing her nose at […]


Venus in Sagittarius: Footloose and Fancy Free

Sagittarius(sign of zodiac)

Venus in Sagittarius:  Footloose & Fancy-Free After weeks of experiencing new depths of passion in the intensely emotional, highly complex and deeply secretive sign of Scorpio, Venus reached her saturation point.  Like a moth that was dangerously close to a flame, she knew it was time to break […]


Venus in Scorpio

Segni zodiacali - Scorpione

Venus in Scorpio After weeks of living in Libra’s well-mannered house of partnerships receiving polite suitors and engaging in light-hearted romances, Venus grew bored with encounters of the superficial kind. Shaking her hair loose from its elegant updo and slipping into a pair of sexy gladiators, Venus made […]

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