Transiting Mars in Virgo


After weeks of command performances, noble causes and more than a few temper tantrums while in Leo, it was time for Mars to take a bow, turn off the spotlight, exit the building and head into Virgo where, unbeknownst to him, he was about to experience the […]


Venus in Virgo

segni zodiacali astratti -  vergine  After weeks of flirting, partying and shopping while in Leo, Venus knew it was time to trade the Lion's den in for a new environment, one where she could repair her health, regain her strength and rebuild her finances. As luck would have it, the next stop on [...]READ MORE

Mercury in Virgo


After just three weeks in the Lion’s den, Mercury was feeling burned out from the intensity of Leo’s spotlight. Though it was fun while it lasted, it was time to check out of the sign of passionate pursuits and into the sign of health and wellness, otherwise known as Virgo. […]