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In the summer of 2020, I gained a new client because her astrologer had passed away. After almost a year of searching online for a new one, she stumbled upon my podcast and booked me for a reading.

That got me thinking about the future and the fact that I’m not going to be here forever. What would happen to my clients? I didn’t want to leave them adrift.

And that’s how the Pass the Torch Astrology Mentoring Program was born.

It turned out to be a wonderful idea. Not only will my clients be in good hands if I unexpectedly take a powder, but those of you who can’t afford my rates or find the waiting time too long can now work with an astrologer trained in my methods.

Training & Certification

In addition to successfully completing a comprehensive 9-month mentoring program that consisted of live weekly classes, individual mentoring sessions, homework assignments, final exams and practice readings, they have also had extensive training in advanced topics including, but not limited to, relationship and vocational astrology.

To earn certification, these students had to give a recorded 90-minute natal chart analysis + one-year forecast reading to three individuals of my choosing. Each volunteer was handpicked by me and completed a 3-page evaluation form that judged their abilities in terms of astrological knowledge, communication skills, customer service and overall value in terms of insight and guidance.

And that’s not all. I listened to every single minute of their recordings and evaluated them as well, so when I say they earned their certification, I really mean it.

Although I trained these astrologers in my methods, I did not train them to parrot me. Instead, I encouraged them to find their individual voices and pursue their astrological passions.

Like myself, all of my certified astrologers can work with any house system so if you have a preference, just request it. An asterisk next to an astrologer’s name means they work with a house system other my preferred system (Placidus).

If you’re uncertain as to which certified astrologer is the best fit for you, just email me at debra@debraclementastrologer.com, and I’ll be happy to guide you to the one who will best meet your needs.

And now, I proudly invite you to meet the first group of astrologers to earn my certification in Natal and Predictive Astrology.


Alexander Kriech is an Astrologer, Numerologist and Psychic Medium, who has been working professionally with spirituality clients since 2015.

An in-depth Astrologer, Alexander analyzes the birth chart and upcoming planetary energies to it with a fine-toothed comb and delivers insightful, practical, soul-centered information that is validating, grounding, healing and useful. In addition to his comprehensive natal and predictive consultations, Alexander offers an abbreviated natal + forecast reading, as well as video mini-readings that are perfect if you need an answer to a single question or some quick guidance for the month ahead.

Learn more about Alexander* and his services at dogstaroracle.com.

Kirsten Wesley

Kirsten Wesley is a high energy Astrologer and Coach, who interprets the intricate details of your birth chart and delivers them in an easy to follow, eye-opening experience.

A practicing Astrologer since 2013, Kirsten brings her coaching skills to the mix and shows her clients highly practical ways to use the lessons, skills and gifts in their own unique charts. From in-depth consultations and detailed forecasts to focused Hot Topic sessions that focus on love and career, Kirsten offers a variety of readings designed to meet her clients’ needs.

Learn more about Kirsten and her services at youprintsastrology.com.


Rachelle Rizzi is a Spiritual Astrologer who offers an alchemic yet down-to-earth approach to chart interpretation. Through the wisdom of astrology, she guides her clients to be all their soul intended to be in this lifetime by helping them understand their patterns and life lessons and embrace their inner guidance and healing abilities.

Drawing on her own transformational journey from limiting beliefs and self-doubt to healing and wholeness through astrological shadow work and manifestation practices, Rachelle shows her clients how to be their own medicine and illuminate the light that lives within them.

Learn more about Rachelle and her services at astrologywithrachelle.com.

Gosia 300x300

Gosha is passionate about using astrology to empower her clients’ growth and well being. By examining planetary influences, she aims to provide insight into the birth chart potential, as well as the soul’s evolutionary needs.

Certified in Evolutionary Astrology by Steven Forrest and an experienced Horary astrologer, Gosha’s primary purpose for enrolling in Debra’s program was to achieve certification in predictive astrology. Her readings incorporate aspects of both astrological philosophies. She uses transits, progressions and solar arcs to support your growth while free will remains in your hands.

Learn more about Gosha* and her services at goshastrology.com.


Jenny has been studying astrology since high school, but it wasn’t until after a long career in another field that she finally gave herself permission to pursue her calling in life.

Jenny approaches your reading as a collaborative journey to your innermost being, and she especially enjoys working with clients who are seeking their life purpose or a more fulfilling career. She believes astrology is an incredibly potent tool for self-understanding and looks forward to helping you optimize your natal potential and current planetary energies to create more joy, meaning and success in your life.

Learn more about Jenny and her services at skywhispersastrology.com.


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