Most mediums have been connecting with spirits since they were very young, and in that respect, I’m no different. However, what was different is that my initial experiences didn’t involve deceased relatives or beings from the higher realm, but rather some terrifying ones from the lower one.

In hindsight, those youthful experiences are the main reason I spent most of my life denying even the possibility I could be a medium, even after I learned there was some history of the gift in my family. My soul of course knew otherwise, which is why as time passed my fear of what was then called the supernatural world was soon rivaled by my fascination with it.

At 16, I read Sun Signs by Linda Goodman and immediately took to the language of the stars. I didn’t understand at the time, but my soul had recognized astrology as an outlet for my intuitive gifts. Read More »

It’s taken me almost my entire life, but I’m finally honoring my soul’s calling.

“Not only is Debra an amazing astrologer, she is an incredible medium! During my reading, Debra was able to validate my loved ones that have crossed over. She said details and events that only me and my loved ones would know. It couldn’t be googled ;-)!

I felt like I had a direct telephone line to the other side. One of the things that I really respect about Debra is that she makes sure she is saying the correct message and does not try to guess or fill in the blanks. Debra is nurturing and always makes sure that she is telling you everything that spirit wants you to hear. I am in awe of all of Debra’s gifts. Thank you Debra for all of my connections… love is eternal!!”

– Gema, New Jersey

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