Pass The Torch Astrology Mentoring Program

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Are You Ready To Move Beyond
Superficial Analyses,
Generic Interpretations and
Vague Forecasts?

If the answer is YES, you’ve come to the right place. In this signature offering, you will learn how to give exceptional astrology readings, and if it’s your dream to be a professional astrologer, this program will help launch your career. Already practicing? A mentorship with Debra will elevate your skills and help you build a practice that inspires referrals and returning clients.

Whether you’re simply in love with the language of the stars or have professional aspirations, this comprehensive mentorship program will teach you how to give an accurate, detailed and meaningful reading that will validate, enlighten, motivate and guide the soul who embodies the horoscope.

Far more than just a classroom experience, this unique mentoring program will give you an educational experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

For those who aspire to professional practice, Debra offers a Bonus Professional Practice Workshop, as well as a Certification Option that gives you the opportunity to be listed on her website and taken under her wing as you begin your exciting new career.

Program Overview

Seats are limited in this live online program via Zoom, which consists of three comprehensive levels (Natal Chart Interpretation, Predictive Astrology and Advanced Practice Areas) that may be taken as a complete program or as standalone courses. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to those who complete all homework and receive a passing grade on a final exam that will be given in the form of a take-home test.

Each level includes:

  • 12 weeks of Live Instruction + Classroom Practice (90-120 minutes)
  • Bonus Q&A class
  • Learning Materials
  • Study Aids
  • Homework Assignments
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Recommended Books and Resources

Classes are recorded and promptly made available, so it’s easy to catch up if you miss one, plus you get lifetime access to them.

All learning materials, study aids and homework assignments were created by Debra specifically for this program.

All homework assignments are personally evaluated by Debra. Homework is given in the form of practice sheets, quizzes and horoscope interpretation exercises to reinforce the lessons, as well as boost your confidence by showing you how much you’ve learned and if need be, show Debra where you need additional mentoring.

What sets this program apart from all the rest is the unparalleled level of personal attention that Debra gives her students both in and out of the classroom.

And that attention begins with a private 1:1 mentoring session prior to the beginning of the first class to discuss your personal and/or professional astrological goals.

Meet Your Mentor

Debra Anne Clement-head-hi resA full-time astrologer with a thriving practice, Debra Anne Clement has taught astrology to thousands of people over the years through her radio shows, podcasts, webinars, a membership program and classes.

In 2020, Debra decided it was time to offer a signature program that would train astrologers in her signature methods of chart analysis, interpretive techniques and forecasting, and in August she opened the doors to the Pass the Torch Astrology Program.

The first class sold out in 20 minutes.

Bringing 25+ years of professional experience and a passion for teaching to every class, Debra graduated her first class of Level 3 astrologers in October 2021, and in December proudly introduced the first group of students to earn her certification in Natal and Predictive Astrology.

As she opens enrollment for 2022, Debra looks forward to taking a new class of students under her wing and teaching them how to soar.

Debra’s astrology mentorship exceeded my expectations. I have been following Debra for years, starting with her radio show in the late 2008. I have always admired her methodical, practical, yet spiritual approach to Astrology, so when the time came to sign up for her course I jumped at the chance.

Alex BorderI have self-studied Astrology for years, but Debra’s class helped me fill in many gaps in my astrological knowledge, and gave a solid foundation in the subject that only an experienced teacher can provide.

I was able to confidently begin to add Astrology services to my intuitive healing business, as my own ability to read the language of Astrology grew significantly over the course of the program. I received individualized attention – the small class sizes help, as this is not a “one size fits all” program.

As Astrology continues to grow in popularity, so does the amount of junk, fluff Astrology out there. This program is the antithesis of that.

Real Astrology is a calling. If you feel called to deepen your studies, this program is absolutely worth the investment.

Alexander Kriech • Certified Astrologer •

Planets Cropped

Although I had been studying natal and predictive astrology for several years, I lacked formal training and began to look for a program that could help me move my knowledge and skills to the professional level. When Debra launched her Pass the Torch Mentoring Program, I knew that this was the training I had been waiting for!

Kirsten BorderAs an instructor, Debra is patient, thorough and generously shares from her wealth of experience in working with clients. Each class is power packed with key astrological concepts and enhanced by Debra’s unique insight and countless nuances.

The materials, handouts and homework absolutely match the high quality level of training throughout each session of the course. The mentoring and feedback has been priceless and really helped me with staying on track.

With Debra’s guidance, I have not only honed my skills and style as a practicing astrologer, I’ve learned so much about how to build an astrology business and provide an exceptional experience for my clients.

Not only have my skills grown but my confidence as well. Debra went way above and beyond to make this a valuable experience for everyone. She is a powerful, inspiring teacher, and I can’t wait to have more opportunities to learn from her.

Kirsten Wesley • Certified Astrologer •

Level 1: Natal Astrology

This is where it all begins. The cornerstone of astrology that once mastered, allows you to confidently synthesize a horoscope and assess personalities, evaluate talents, spot challenges, recognize patterns, interpret relationship needs and identify life paths. From the very basics (signs, elements, modalities, houses, planets, chiron, lunar nodes) to rulerships, aspects, configurations, interceptions (and more!), Debra will teach you everything you need to know to give an accurate, meaningful and in-depth horoscope readings. You’ll be analyzing charts after the very first class, and by the time it’s over you’ll not only know how to find everything (and everyone) in the horoscope, you’ll have the knowledge, tools and confidence to interpret it as well.

Who is Level 1 for? It’s for anyone who wants to give accurate natal chart interpretations after just 12 weeks.

Don’t think it’s possible? Just ask Chris, a gifted visual artist based in New York City who doubted it as well.

Me for DebraI have been a client of Debra’s for years and have always looked up to her as an outstanding astrologer. When Debra offered the opportunity to learn astrology from her I saw it as an opportunity from the Universe to study and become more competent in something that I love.

I have to admit, when I heard that it was 12 weeks for part 1 – and at the end I would be able to interpret a natal chart – I was a bit skeptical. But I thought that at least I would be well on my way to interpretation and being an astrologer myself.

Well, I was wrong – I finished part 1 and can now fully read and interpret a natal chart! I have done multiple paid readings – and plan to continue to do so.

One other point worth mentioning is that Debra is an excellent mentor – she made herself available to help me with any questions – often meeting with me weekly outside of class to discuss what I was curious about or needed a bit more coaching on. I highly recommend this mentorship program! I loved the experience and that I can now read a chart – it’s already allowed me to connect to people that I otherwise may have never met.

Chris Zaccaria • Level 1 Graduate •

And Chris wasn’t the only one who was ready to do paid readings after Level 1!

BigHeartDebra is a fabulous astrology teacher and mentor. Not only is she experienced, funny, and insightful, but she is also practical and has a knack for distilling complex ideas into an easy-to-learn format. Her approach is both intuitive and grounded.

Beyond class, she makes time for her students’ questions and provides thorough, thought-provoking feedback. Thanks to Debra, I finished Level I with the confidence to start reading for others. 

  Carrie • Level 1 Graduate

Level 2: Predictive Astrology

A far cry from mere fortune telling, predictive astrology requires a high degree of specialized skills, including the art of perfect timing. During this course, Debra will teach you her proven methods for giving accurate, detailed and empowering forecasts, the very same ones that catapulted her to the top of the field. Not only will you learn how to assess potential outcomes and timing using transits, eclipses, secondary progressions and solar returns, but you will learn how to synthesize them in a way that strikes a perfect balance between fate and free will. She will also demonstrate how to work with challenging influences and share her approach for delivering a forecast, so you can guide others appropriately.

Who is Level 2 for? It’s for those who want to help, guide and inspire others with accurate insights into future possibilities.

Debra Clement’s astrological wisdom and her mentorship program is a fun, interactive and fully comprehensive exploration into the ancient and modern art of astrology.

Rachelle RizziI can personally attest that no matter what level you are at with regard to astrology, you will gain immensely from this program.

Not only that, but she provides true one-on-one support so that her students feel and have the room to grow within her detailed program.

If you’re looking for personal attention and guidance, Debra is awesome. I never left her class without feeling that my questions were answered and that I truly had a solid grasp of the material needed before moving forward and adding to it.

Debra’s teaching and mentoring will forever guide me through my own practice.

Rachelle Rizzi • Certified Astrologer •

Planets Cropped

Debra is an incredible teacher and mentor. She exceeded my expectations in every way with this course. Debra has such deep astrological knowledge, and she is able to convey that knowledge in a way that is accessible, engaging, and fun. She gave us very detailed written materials, and her verbal presentations were well organized, focused, and geared towards the students’ growth and evolution. She also gave each of us tremendous one-on-one attention, with detailed feedback and guidance that is irreplaceable. She is kind, patient, and incredibly generous with her time and wisdom.

Jenny BorderThis course has been transformative for me and has catapulted me forward in my astrological knowledge and counseling skills. In a little over a year, I learned techniques and approaches that would have taken me years and years to learn on my own. It was so helpful to hear Debra’s insight on the most important things to focus on in a reading, as it can be so overwhelming to separate the wheat from the chaff on one’s own.

Debra also provided us with an amazing amount of very practical information about setting up and running an astrology business. This information was worth its weight in gold for anyone looking to learn the real “nuts and bolts” of starting an astrology business, marketing it, and working with clients.

I am very much missing this course now that it is complete, and I look forward to doing additional training with Debra in the future when she offers it! I recommend Debra and this course wholeheartedly and with deep gratitude.

Jennifer • Certified Astrologer •

Level 3: Advanced Practice Areas

This advanced interpretation course will take your skills to the next level, so you can meet the needs of those who come to you with burning questions or pressing issues about their relationships, vocation, career, money, health and life purpose. During these 12 weeks, Debra will teach you how to do a deep dive into the life areas that compel people to seek readings and often trigger crises in their lives.

Who is Level 3 for? It’s for those who want to offer deep insights and transformative guidance about life’s biggest concerns.

Gosha BorderI decided to enroll in the Pass the Torch Astrology Mentoring Program after my first reading with Debra. And as with the reading, I am more than satisfied.

Firstly, the quality of study material and detailed explanations are very helpful to organize and structure multilevel astrological information. Material shared covers all essential life areas from mundane through finances, health and more.

I found that many text, especially in Level 3 topics, are not easily available in books on the market. With Debra, we have received a succinct analyses based on real life cases. This has a unique worth in itself.

Secondly, Debra is always present to assist with additional explanations and examples during the class. Priority is on the student and her/his understanding of material.

Thirdly, what makes Debra’s program stand out is her availability for one-on-one mentoring. No other program I have followed offered this level of personalized attention.

Another distinction is a separate study in which Debra shares her business experience, best practices tips and professional conduct standards.

Do you desire to grow and become a full-fledged professional astrologer? No need to look further. You have found it here.

Gosha • Certified Astrologer •

Free Bonus! Professional Practice Workshop*

Self-employment can be overwhelming, which is why Debra created and designed this Professional Practice Workshop to set you up for success. In this 1-Day workshop, Debra will discuss the practical steps you need to take to set up a legitimate business, such as choosing a business entity, selecting a payment processor, creating a secure website, privacy notices and filing quarterly taxes (just to name a few!).

She will also discuss marketing, client development, professional ethics and how long it really takes to build a lucrative practice (as well as a few things that can speed it up). She’ll also reveal her favorite tools, apps and software, share her thoughts about alternate revenue streams and confess her own rookie mistakes (so you won’t make them).

You’ll also gain enormous benefit from Debra’s invaluable guidance about working with clients, as well as her sage advice about the biggest challenge new practitioners face when they turn pro: setting fees. The workshop ends with a lengthy Q&A, and you get lifetime access to the workshop recording and handouts.

Who is this Professional Practice workshop for? It’s for those who want to establish their own practice.

*Presented before Level 3, this Free Bonus is only for those who complete Levels 1 and 2 and are registered for Level 3.

Certification Option

When you become one of Debra’s Certified Astrologers, your mentoring experience doesn’t end with certification. As part of her ongoing support, you will:

  • Be listed and recommended on Debra’s astrology website
  • Benefit from quarterly group coaching sessions
  • Be promoted on her social media and podcast
  • Have direct access to her via a dedicated email address

This option is only available to students who successfully complete all 3 Levels of the program (no exceptions) and pass a practical exam. This exam requires certification candidates to give a 90-minute natal chart and 12 month forecast reading via Zoom (recorded)  to three volunteers of Debra’s choice. In addition to the volunteer’s feedback, Debra evaluates every reading to determine if the student has achieved the skills necessary to earn her certification.

For those who opt to test for certification, there is a $150.00 certification fee.

Who is Certification for? It’s for those who are called to practice professionally and are dedicated to excellence in the field.

So Much Love

I have been an astrology client of Debra Anne Clement’s for over 7 years. I found her readings to be accurate and insightful. She is a very gifted astrologer. I became more and more interested in learning astrology as I read her newsletters, postings, and podcasts. I was a university professor for over 15 years, and I know a great teacher when I meet one.

I became very interested in learning astrology and was thrilled when Debra decided to develop and implement her program of three astrology courses for certification! These courses are wonderful! They are informative, interesting, thought provoking, and expansive. Debra demonstrated not only her thorough knowledge of astrology but also shared examples from her 25 years of professional experiences, which was so very helpful in one’s learning and mastering of the content. I never knew there was so much to learn about astrology as an art and science!

Debra is an excellent teacher. Not only does she present her material in an organized manner with plenty of handouts; she also answers all of her student’s questions not only in class, but also she spends multiple hours of individual attention and support through zoom meetings, emails, and texts. She would often send a half an hour or more of recorded feedback on your homework assignment which enabled me to understand more thoroughly and deepened my content knowledge and skill level.

The amount of individual attention to one’s learning needs Debra provided is commendable and rarely found in the world of professional education training. Debra also provided an amazing, quite extensive resource filled workshop on how to set up an astrology business.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to go through Debra’s program. I highly recommend Debra’s astrology certification program. You will not regret taking her courses!

Cheryl Pratt Ph.D. • Level 3 Graduate • Certification Pending

Planets Cropped

Class Schedule

Classes are held at 12:00 PM Eastern Time on Sundays (except as noted below)

Level 1 begins on April 3 and ends on June 26
(Due to Easter and Mother’s Day, class will meet on Saturday, April 16 and Saturday, May 7)

Level 2 is tentatively scheduled to begin on September 4 and end on November 27

Level 3 is tentatively scheduled to begin on February 5, 2023 and end on April 30
(Due to Easter, class will meet on Saturday, April 8)

Technical Requirements

A computer or other device with a strong Internet connection so you can log on to Zoom for 2 hours.

Lifetime Access

Each class video is uploaded to shortly after class ends. All you need to view them is the link and password that I give you. You will have lifetime access to them.

Program Expectations

While Debra will do everything she can to support you, your success ultimately hinges upon your personal commitment to the program, which includes completing and submitting homework assignments on a timely basis.

Tuition  • Pay-in-Full Discounts • Payment Plans

Payment will be accepted via PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

Level 1 Natal Astrology (April 3 – June 26)

$1,997.00 ($697 due at enrollment, $650 due on 4/29; $650 due on 5/27)

Pay in Full:  $1,697.00 (15% Discount Saves You $300!)

Level 2 Predictive Astrology

For Level 1 Graduates who enroll in Level 2, tuition remains at $1,997.00 or if paid in full, $1,697.00.
If taken as a standalone course, tuition is $2,497.00 (15% discount available if you pay it in full).

Level 3 (Advanced Practice Areas)

For Level 1 & 2 Graduates who enroll in Level 3, tuition remains at $1,997.00 or if paid in full, $1,697.00
If taken as a standalone course, tuition is $2,497.00 (15% discount available if you pay it in full)

BigHeartIt was a great program! Debra was generous with both her time and attention and gave me just enough space
to allow my individual voice to shine through. —
Sherrill • Level 3 Graduate

Enrollment Details

Please note there is a separate enrollment period for each level.

If you’re ready to fulfill your dream of becoming a professional astrologer or want to elevate your skills to a higher level, Debra’s Pass the Torch Astrology Program can help you achieve your goals.

Seats are limited, so if you’re ready to enroll in Level 1 of this premier mentoring program, email Debra directly at to secure your spot. If you need further information about the program, Debra will be happy to schedule a call to answer your questions.

But don’t delay! There are just 3 seats left!