Your Solar Story



The Sun is the spirit of life. It’s who you are, and that’s why it gets top billing.

Every planet has a story, and your Sun’s personal story is told through a detailed analysis and skillful synthesis of its:

    • Zodiac sign, which describes how you want to shine. It describes the approach, style and personality traits that you’re using in the here and now to develop as an individual.
    • Condition, which includes factors such as essential dignities, interception, critical degrees and aspects that are combust or cazimi. If present, they have a specific influence on your Sun’s expression.
    • House placement, which reveals where you want to shine. It describes the life areas that are so meaningful to your personal identity that you feel compelled to distinguish yourself in at least one of them.
    • House rulership. The attributes of the house that the Sun rules in your horoscope (the one(s) with Leo on the cusp) expands upon the way you want to shine in the world.
    • Natal Aspects. The Sun’s aspects (connections from other cosmic bodies and sensitive points) fill in the rest of the details, and they describe how easy (or not) it is for you to express yourself, enjoy yourself and truly be yourself.


Discover YOUR Solar Story!

Click the button below to order this 30-minute deep dive into the heart and soul of your horoscope. In addition to shedding light on your solar essence, it offers insight into what stirs your passion and promotes your confidence, as well as specific guidance to help you overcome any solar challenges that are hindering your Sun’s path to stardom.

Important Details
  • Consultation Fee. The price of this 30-minute consultation is $150.00.
  • Consultation Type. This consultation is a comprehensive interpretation of your natal Sun. It is NOT a predictive (forecast) reading.
  • Consultation Format. This consultation is recorded by me and provided to you as a digital Mp3 recording. It is NOT a live and/or interactive consultation.
  • Interpretation Details. This prerecorded consultation includes a detailed analysis and synthesis of your Sun’s sign, condition (if applicable), house placement, house rulership and aspects. The interpreted aspects include any conjunctions, oppositions, squares, sextiles, trines and quincunxes from your Sun to the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Lunar Nodes, Ascendant and Midheaven in your horoscope.
  • Consultation Length. This consultation is 30-minutes long, and every word will be about you. In the rare event that your Sun has so few aspects that the consultation is less than 30 minutes, I will use the remaining time to interpret whatever astrological influence in the chart I feel will be the most helpful to you.
  • Delivery Date. Within 24 hours of receipt of your intake form and payment, your consultation will be added to my calendar, and you will  receive an email from my assistant Kate advising you of the delivery date. You will receive your reading in approximately 30 days.
  • Delivery Method. Upon completion, you will receive an email from Kate advising you that your consultation has been completed and a download link for your Mp3 file is being emailed to you.
  • Refund Policy. There are no refunds after the consultation is completed. Should you change your mind before the consultation is completed, a refund will be issued minus the transaction fee that is deducted by PayPal.