Don’t let anyone tell you any different. You are always in control of your destiny.  In fact, the very reason your soul came here in the first place was to exercise free will and fulfill it on your own terms. But what is that destiny? Or more specifically, what gives your life meaning?

The answer is in your horoscope. A spiritual itinerary written by your soul to remind your earthly self why it’s here and what it agreed to experience, learn and overcome in order to accomplish it. But it doesn’t stop there. After all, fulfilling your purpose doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There’s everything else in life that goes along with it, such as family, friendships, intimacy, career, finances and staying healthy.

Fortunately, nothing is overlooked in the birth chart. From what you want, to what you need. From where you shine, to where you stumble. From who you are, to who you can be. It’s all in your horoscope. A cosmic compendium of insight, understanding and guidance. A reflection of your highest potential. A universal map to your best life.

And in Debra’s hands, the shortcut to your soul. 

DACDebra Anne Clement is a consulting and teaching astrologer who has been guiding clients from all walks of life for more than 25 years. Her profound insights, transformative guidance and spot on predictions have attracted a clientele that includes A-list award-winning actors and singers, best-selling authors, talk show hosts, supermodels, television chefs, reality TV stars, spiritual luminaries, celebrity stylists and CEO’s in the beauty, finance, retail and film industries.

As one of the pioneers in astrology broadcasting, Debra helped pave the way for today’s astrology podcasts when she launched Anchored in Astrology (2008-2012). This wildly popular internet radio show, which aired live every week to a worldwide audience, garnered rave reviews and ranked in the top three astrology podcasts on iTunes. In addition to on-air readings with live callers, Debra taught astrology and interviewed leading astrologers and spiritual leaders such as Marguerite Manning (Cosmic Karma), Arielle Ford (The Soulmate Secret), Gay Hendricks (The Big Leap) and Lisa Williams (Survival of the Soul).