FREE mini-workshop to help you become the star your soul intended!

FREE mini-workshop to help you become the star your soul intended!


Thousands of years ago, humanity turned to the stars for a deeper understanding of the self and its potential for personal growth. Today, we continue to look to them for insight into our personal journey, as well as for guidance that can help us heal, evolve and fulfill our purpose.

Far more than just a description of your traits, talents, longings and frustrations, your horoscope explains why you’re here and where you’ll ultimately find love and fulfillment. A treasure trove of insight from your soul to awaken, enlighten and inspire your earthly self. The key to self-understanding and the universal map to your best life.

From what you want, to what you need. From where you shine, to where you stumble. From who you are, to who you can be. It’s all in your horoscope. The shortcut to your soul.


Hi, I’m Debra Anne Clement, and experience has shown me that the horoscope not only reveals the soul’s purpose for this lifetime, but also the personality traits it decided to assume, circumstances it planned to experience, relationships it intended to develop and lessons it promised to learn in order to do so.

As the eclipses and transiting planets activate the natal horoscope, they trigger specific events and circumstances that were planned by the soul to help nudge it forward along its intended path. By doing so, the heavens ensure that the soul’s itinerary is carried out on schedule.

Just like any other itinerary, the horoscope provides details about our destination, but it doesn’t take us there. In fact, how, when and if we even get there at all depends upon how we use our free will.

As an astrologer, my purpose is to help you exercise your free will in the highest way possible by sharing profound insights about your planetary placements and upcoming cycles that will enlighten, awaken and inspire you to live your best life, along with sage guidance to help you do so.

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Client Reviews

Debra is a rare astrologer along with her wealth of knowledge and experience in astrology that makes her an incredible guide, and she has intuitive gifts! I had a reading with Debra in 2019 and everything she told me unfolded in 2020, to the T!

I was going through an EPIC Pluto transit in my Capricorn 2nd house. My whole life tossed up and I needed grounding. I came back to Debra in 2020 for more help. I immediately got a 2021 calendar, marked all the dates and energies she mentioned. I felt so inspired by my sessions with Debra. I promptly began working with all the guidance she gave. Every day I work towards building my spiritual community and practice in a new way.

Words aren’t enough but Debra has lit a fire in my belly. A fire I had when I was in my teens and lost over the decades. Debra gives you so many details and is funny and above all kind. Beyond the moon and stars, I praise Debra.


Much Love, Nita
London, UK
School of Healthy Thoughts

I’ve been having my chart read by Debra every year around my birthday for the last decade, and I can say, without question, she is the most talented astrologer I’ve ever met!


I relisten to our sessions several times throughout each year and they are always extremely accurate. While no one can predict exactly what the future will hold, Debra’s readings give me a sense of control over my life and help me prepare mentally for certain energies that come throughout the year.

For example, I’ve consulted her on when to schedule an elective surgery, when would be a good time to consider a career change, even when I would meet my (now) husband!

Spot on every single time! I don’t know how she does it, but she’s incredibly gifted.

I believe a huge part of her success and talent is due to an innate intuition that she mastered following. She’s made a massive impact on my life and, frankly, gotten me through many trying times throughout my 20s. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Elicia Guarino
Compass Real Estate

After hearing Debra’s “Shortcut to the Soul” podcast, I knew that I wanted an astrology reading from her, as she is obviously a very seasoned astrologer, down to earth, intelligent, very easy to talk to, and has a great ability to explain the complicated information in simple terms for anyone to understand.

I wanted to get clarity about my medical intuition abilities, life’s purpose, family dynamics, financial opportunities, health, and relationships.

She helped me to understand all of it in a really clear and thorough way. I will listen to the recording of my session for years to come, as so far, every time I listen to it, I learn something new.

I sincerely highly recommend getting an astrology reading from her. You will value learning all of the in-depth information about your life from just one session.

Kim Louise
Medical Intuitive and Holistic Nutritionist