“Whether you’re just curious about your chart or are in search of profound insights about your life, you can expect your reading with Debra to be an enlightening, validating and healing experience that will put your doubts to rest, reignite your passion and inspire you to live your best life. She’s worth every cent and more!”

–Ashley, Vermont

“I was hesitant to get a reading because it was a bit more money than I’ve ever paid for an astrology reading, but I took a chance because my best friend insisted it would be worth it. The good news? My friend was right! The reading far exceeded my expectations, and when I listened to the MP3 again, I got even more out of it. Don’t waste your money on cheaper astrologers. Save your pennies and book an astrology reading with Debra. She’s the BEST!”

–Jessica, Colorado

“If you’re looking for a safe place to share your innermost hopes, dreams and concerns, this is it. Not only is Debra extremely gifted at what she does, she’s also understanding, uplifting and non-judgmental. My therapist would do well to take lessons from her, and other astrologers should strive to emulate her.”

–Daniel, New Mexico

“I couldn’t understand why my life felt so miserable, but after less than 2 hours on the phone with Debra Anne Clement, I understood why my relationships sucked, money was always a struggle and my career was stalled. More than that, I knew what to do about it. With great compassion and zero judgment, she offered profound insights and celestial guidance that I’ve used to transform my life for the better. If you need help figuring out your life or just want to understand it much better, I highly recommend working with Debra!”

        — Brittany, New Jersey

“During the past 20 years I’ve had readings with MANY astrologers, including big names who write columns for fancy magazines, speak at conferences and are endorsed by celebrities. I felt they were all very good and still feel that way. But they’re NOT Debra. She read my chart with such incredible depth that by the time it was over, I had such a profound understanding of my life and why I experienced the things that I did that I felt as though I was just reborn. It’s been several months since my reading. I continue to feel inspired by it, and so far her forecast has been spot on. This reading was truly a watershed moment for me. Seriously, you haven’t had an astrology reading until you’ve had one with Debra.”

       — Lisa, Oregon

“Besides her amazing accuracy, what also impressed me about Debra is that in contrast to other astrology readings I’ve had, every word out of her mouth during the session was about me. The wealth of information that flows from her, including practical guidance for using your free will to make the most of whatever influences are coming, is extremely empowering because it helps you to be proactive. If you’re interested in having an astrology reading, you can’t go wrong with Debra. She’s worth every cent and then some!”

— Sarah, Massachusetts

“Debra came highly recommended to me by a well known spiritual messenger. My request was simple. Find my time of birth, as I was not born in a hospital; I was born in a village, in the middle of winter, and our family did not own a clock.Through a series of pre-determined questions Debra, which were very insightful to me as well was able to find my time of birth. This led to a subsequent zoom session, where Debra expanded on my path, lessons, relationship, work, and spirituality. The content was very precise, and delivered with a heart. I thank you very much.”

— Angelo, Australia

“I am amazed and wowed by my reading with Debra. We’ve had readings with others before, but her accuracy is unmatched. We will continue to utilize her services for LIFE, as she is our ONLY “go to” Astrologer. Both my husband and I count ourselves lucky and fortunate in many ways, but having met Debra Clement is without a doubt, a true blessing.”

— Mark, Hawaii

“I was anxious about my love life and booked a reading on the recommendation of a friend who said Debra had predicted her marriage. Right from the start, she told me things about my romantic history (the bad choices/personality types that defined my love life) and went on to explain why I chose them and what it is that I needed to learn about relationships. When I heard it, it was like a light bulb went off in my head, and it suddenly all made sense. She described my future partner and gave me a specific time period when she felt I would meet him. To be honest, it sounded too good to be true, but I met someone just as she described during the exact time frame she gave me. We recently got engaged, and last week we booked our wedding. Not only is Debra the “real deal” but she’s an awesome person as well!”

— Samantha, Colorado

“Debra is an amazing astrologer. She’s doesn’t just read your chart, she reads your soul. For years I tried to figure out what was wrong with my life. After spending less than 2 hours with Debra, I gained clarity, understanding and practical guidance that enabled me to make meaningful changes in my life. As a result, my love life is happier, and I’m moving full steam ahead in my career. If you feel stuck or need to understand why you’re here, book a reading with her today!”

— Jennifer, New York

“I have to tell you that your reading was the very best I have ever had. You were specific and thorough and you addressed every issue on my list of concerns at a depth that is unprecedented in my experience with astrological readings.”

— Linda, Illinois

“You are unbelievably accurate in your readings. AMAZING! I’ve had many charts done but no one has ever given me the EXACT info like you I’ve had many readings – you are “bar” none the BEST!”

— Nancy, Arizona

“Meeting Debra has been a blessing for me. Her guidance helped me navigate difficult times that felt like they’d never end, and she helped me utilize time frames I was unaware of to move forward with my goals when I was stuck. She’s straightforward, easy to understand, grounded, comprehensive and wise, and her timing and predictions are SPOT ON! I am a regular client and consider her readings a valuable source of learning and guidance.”

— Christiane, New York

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for your incredible, insightful and succinct summation of varying themes that have plagued me my whole life. Over the years I have consulted with numerous astrologers of high repute and with varying degrees of specialisation, and I can safely say this is by far the most impressive interpretation of my chart to date. Your laser beam accuracy on all issues I submitted to you was uncanny, and the delicate way you handled these queries was appreciated more than I could possibly express in mere words.”

–Yvonne, Canada

“I don’t know where to begin. You explained things about me I didn’t know about myself and answered questions I’ve had for a long time. You know me better than I know myself. You addressed more than I could ever imagine. You answered the questions I asked but little did I know how much valuable advice you would include. Your insight is more refreshing and informative than I have ever experienced in the past. Its a good way to start out on new adventures. Thank you so much!”

— Mary, Massachusetts

“Well, well, I just my very insightful and interesting astrological chart reading with the wonderful Debra Anne Clement – super upbeat, my type of woman. All Debra had was my birth date, place and time – we never met in person and she doesn’t know me. ~ Her reading was 100% on point, absolutely fascinating and I’ve learned a lot about myself and my close circle and was encouraged in personal as well as professional endeavors. Debra gave me a heads up on how to handle certain situations and people that will and do approach me and I had a sneak peek into my future. Her reading basically created a map for me that I can use however I choose. I would love to recommend a reading with Debra!”

— Alexa, California

“As I was listening to your reading, I kept thinking about how gifted you are and what a blessing you have been in my life. Your reading is so customized to my journey and your insight and optimism is healing. THANK YOU!”

— Colleen, Arizona

“She’s the BEST! I have had readings with her for myself, my husband and my daughters and everyone was knocked out. Not only did she nail everyone’s personality without knowing anything about them, she has given us all predictions of upcoming events that have proven spot on!”

       — Diane, California

“Everything you predicted was spot on. I’m engaged and it all happened around the time you wait it would. All the qualities you said I need, he has. I just want to really thank you again for everything. I am still astounded with your accuracy. Continue doing what you do best!”

       — Miriam, New York

“She is very accurate and will you on how she can you navigate through any circumstance! Do you want to improve your relationships, business and personal? She gives timelines and actual dates that will better your chances in any situation. A reading with Debra is an investment in the future!”

— Maria, New York

“You have been spot on. Specifically you told me that something was going to break with water in my house and wouldn’t you know it, the day the energy hit, we had a massive storm where debris clogged a drain pipe and my entire bathroom flooded. There are also big changes in my career, which you saw coming (but honestly, I didn’t).”

 — Carrie, California

“Debra is the best. Years ago I started searching out astrology podcasts. I listened to so many that rambled on and had very little useful info, or they rattled off the ephemeris with no interpretation. Debra gives nothing but useful info and digestible interpretation, so much so I actually paid for readings for myself and family. Something I’d never done before. Can’t praise her enough!”

— suzycreamchez123 via YouTube

“Debra is by far the most talented predictive astrologer I’ve ever met. Not only did her incredible predictions give me hope in a time of great crisis, but they each came true as if they were being checked off some sort of universal “To Do List.” I’m in awe of Debra’s talent and beyond thankful to have met her kind soul. She is an amazing resource for anyone seeking direction, not to mention my astrologer for life!”

— Lindsay, Virginia

“I’ve had the pleasure of Debra’s Predictive Reading. Debra addresses your concerns and answers your questions with amazing accuracy. So often timing is hard to predict, but Debra provides that key information. Debra knows what she’s talking about and simply gets it right. I value Debra’s kindness, generosity, knowledge and expertise. Debra gets my highest recommendation.”

— Monique Tan, Actress California

“The first time I had my chart done by Debra I couldn’t believe that she could know me so well when we had just only met. It was a fascinating experience and one that opened my eyes to many revelations and confirmations about me past, present and future. She was “dead on” and I was amazed. I have since not only become a fan of Debra’s but a true believer in the phrase “written in the stars.” I highly recommend her readings with her great insights and ability to articulate the possibilities from your chart. She is always positive, truthful and most of all, insightful.”

— Linda Hoffman, H.R. Executive, New York

“I literally said a prayer of Thanks to our Divine Spirit for putting me on the path to finding Debra Clement. She is truly of Divine inspiration when she is reading your chart of Astrology. I liken her passion and wealth of knowledge unto a skilled surgeon who has a gift given to them, and who is using it with a sense of a “knowing” that only comes from within. As Celine Dion is called to sing and grace us with her beautiful gift of voice, Debra is called to Astrology with her beautiful gift of knowledge to enlighten you of your past, present and future journey. Thank you Debra, Thank you!”

— Donna, Wisconsin

“Thank you so much for your enlightening and amazingly educational readings! I’ve had my individual and relationship readings done by you and still listen to them throughout the year, each time gaining new insights. You have an uncanny way of hitting it on the head and shedding light where needed. I’ve yet to miss any of your shows and find them to be the best tutorials as I’m a student of astrology myself. Thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom with us! You truly are excellent at your craft!”

— Merrie Kung, Real Estate Broker, California

“I have had many readings with many astrologers over the years, but my reading with Debra Clement was one of the best I ever had. She readily understood where I was coming from, and her interpretation of my chart was both fresh and deeply insightful. I have re-listened to the recording of the reading many times since then, and its been a source of understanding, inspiration and comfort to me. It gave me courage to initiate implementation of some needed changes in my life. As anyone who listens to her weekly podcast “Anchored in Astrology” knows, she is truly funny and has a great gift for teaching. She makes complex astrological material accessible and very clear without over simplifying. She can see the forest for the trees, and goes to the heart of the matter. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

— Judy Tsfrir, M.D., Massachusetts

“I was only semi-interested in astrology when I purchased a career reading from Debra. Prior to the reading, I wondered for years if I should make a career change. In fact, I was certain that I needed one. Once I received the reading, I realized that I was on the right path, but I was not effectively utilizing my talents. With new direction—and the knowledge of specific transits to take advantage of positive energetic periods—I was able to make more progress in the year and a half since the reading than I have throughout my entire career. I now realize how powerful astrology is, and I can recommend Debra without hesitation. She is an excellent astrologer!”

— Rhonda Tremaine, New Jersey
Co-author, Change Your Mind: Lose Weight (2012)