Debra Anne Clement is a consulting and teaching astrologer with 30+ years of experience guiding clients from all walks of life. Her reputation for profound insights and accurate forecasts has earned her a loyal clientele that includes A-List celebrities, CEO’s and other prominent figures in the finance, fashion, literary, retail and entertainment industries. She is also the founder of the Pass the Torch Astrology Mentoring Program, an in-depth training program where she teaches her students how to give exceptional astrology readings using her proven methods, as well as how to build a successful practice.

A self-taught astrologer, Debra was one of the pioneers who helped pave the way for today’s astrology podcasts when she launched Anchored in Astrology, a popular internet radio show that aired weekly to a live international audience. From 2008-2012, Debra made astrology more accessible by teaching it in a way that was easily understood, demonstrating its practical benefits and giving no-prep readings to live callers. She is currently the host of the Shortcut to the Soul Astrology podcast.

Debra is also a psychic-medium and spiritual teacher, as well as a manifestation teacher and energy healer. She has been a licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher since 2002, a Reiki Master Teacher since 2017 and is currently pursuing certifictation in a QiGong healing program.

She has been a contributing author to Dell Horoscope and Tracy Anderson Method magazines, and she has shared her astrological insights into a variety of health and fitness topics on Vital Proteins® Lively blog. She has also been featured as an astrology expert in Womens Health and

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Debra has also enjoyed a career as a successful attorney. She is proud to be the mother of a magnificent Leo daughter, and she is a doting pet parent to a handsome Libra pekingese. Fascinated by outer space as far back as she can remember, she would love to study the stars in her next life from the command chair of a starship but until then, she feels blessed to interpret their movements and help others achieve their earthly aspirations.