Click the button below to purchase your reading, and my assistant Kate will email you within 24 hours of receiving your payment to schedule your session. I use the Placidus house system, but if you prefer a different one, just let Kate know at the time of booking. The current wait time s 3-4 weeks. If you need a reading sooner, please consider one of my personally trained Certified Astrologers.

Natal Chart Analysis + 12-Month Forecast (90 minutes)

It all begins with your horoscope, the celestial record created by your soul before you were born to benefit your earthly self in the here and now. During this session, you will gain a greater understanding of your gifts, challenges and life lessons. You will also learn about your potential for loving relationships, financial success and personal fulfillment, as well as receive personalized guidance to help you enhance, heal or transform them. A comprehensive forecast (transits, eclipses, progressions, solar arcs) with precise time frames, detailed insights and practical advice about the upcoming influences will help you navigate challenges, maximize your opportunities and make the coming year a rewarding one.

In-Depth 12-Month Forecast for Returning Clients (60 minutes)

Your birth chart never changes, but life certainly does. This comprehensive forecast (transits, eclipses, progressions, solar arcs, solar return) includes precise time frames, detailed insights and practical advice about upcoming influences that will help you overcome challenges, maximize your opportunities and make the coming year a rewarding one.

Shortcut to the Soul Consultation (3 sessions)

This in-depth consultation is for those who want to become intimately acquainted with their natal horoscope, as well as receive personal coaching from me.

Given the extensive details that will be shared with you, this consultation is given in three separate 60-minute sessions that are scheduled 7-10 days apart to prevent information overload and allow you time to absorb the insights revealed in each session.

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Over the course of our first two meetings, I will take you on a tour of your entire horoscope, and along the way I will interpret and synthesize the elements, modalities, 12 houses, 10 planets, lunar nodes and Chiron, along with their aspects and if applicable, dignities or debilities, interceptions, retrogrades, critical degrees, aspect patterns or other standouts in the chart.

Although I will be doing most of the talking, every word will be about you, but since this consultation is intended to be an interactive experience, you can rest assured that you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions during each session.

As we move through the houses in your horoscope, we will eventually explore every area of your life. Besides validating your interests, talents, challenges and overall life experiences, you can expect me to shed light on where and why you struggle, encounter disappointment or experience confusion, as well as on your gifts, lessons and untapped strengths.

By the time we finish this astrological journey, your life experiences will make much more sense, and you will have a much deeper understanding of why you experience life the way you do and what you need to feel fulfilled.

At this point, it’s time for our third session, which is where I use my astrological expertise, intuitive abilities and coaching skills to help you apply your newfound clarity in the highest way possible, as well as answer any lingering questions you may have about your birth chart.

Being mindful of your personal aspirations, soul lessons and desired areas for self-improvement, I will coach you in the best ways to use the energies in your horoscope to recognize genuine opportunities, overcome setbacks and move steadily in the direction of your dreams. In particular, I will offer specific guidance to help you resolve self-defeating patterns and/or repetitive lessons that are holding you back from achieving the happiness, success or relationships that have eluded you up until now.

At the conclusion of this session, I will suggest tools for your continued personal development.

Additional Details

  • Each session is 60 minute long and will be recorded for you.
  • A limited number of Saturday appointments will be available.
  • The interpreted aspects are the conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile and quincunx.
  • Given the highly detailed and personal nature of this astrology consultation, you may opt to meet via Zoom instead of phone.
  • This is not a predictive reading, so it does not include an astrological forecast/timeline, and although I use my intuitive abilities, this is not a psychic guidance reading. It is a comprehensive delineation and assessment of your natal horoscope that includes a coaching session to help you work with its energies to achieve happiness, success and fulfillment.

Disclaimer: This consultation is for awareness and personal growth. This consultation is not a substitute for therapy, psychological advice or any other type of mental health counseling. Always consult with a qualified professional for any medical or psychological concerns. This consultation is also not a substitute for medical, legal, financial, business advice. The information I share with you is subject to your own interpretation and judgment. What you decide to do, including any actions you take, with the information that I give you is based on your own personal responsibility and is entirely up to you. Results are not guaranteed.

Astrology Update (30 minutes)

For current clients who want to delve into a specific area or are in need of an update to a prior reading.

Gift Certificates

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