Astrology Basics

Planetary Problems


Ep. 26 – Shortcut to the Soul Podcast Whether by transit or in the natal chart, some aspects routinely bring challenges. However, while transits are temporary, natal aspects are forever. During this episode, Debra discusses common problematic aspects involving Neptune, Pluto and Saturn and offers guidance for […]


Uranus in Taurus: It’s Not Just About Money

smart home and voice assistance system concept diagram, speech recognition, voice recognizer

Uranus is the planetary ruler of technology, and as it makes its way through the luxury-loving sign of the Bull, many of us will be forced to choose what we value most: the ease provided by modern technologies or the security afforded by protecting our privacy. Less […]


Venus in Cancer

Segni zodiacali - Cancro After several weeks of non-stop activity in Gemini, it was time for Venus to check out of the sign of perpetual motion and into the cozy, soothing and nurturing atmosphere that Cancer calls home. Thanks to her rulership of Taurus, Venus has an earthy side that enjoys  a comfortable home, hearty meals [...]READ MORE

Venus in Gemini

Gemini-300x300 Having satisfied her physical appetites while in Taurus, a sign she calls home, it was time for Venus to visit Gemini and indulge her mind. Although one might think that Venus would be homesick for the Bull's earthy delights and passionate nights, this pleasure-loving planet feels very much at ease in Gemini's breezy bungalow. Like [...]READ MORE

Happy Birthday, Cancer: Celebrating the Crab


The Ram, the Bull, the Lion and the Scorpion. Each one is powerful, intimidating and even deadly in its own way. And then there’s the Crab. While it’s true that its pincers can cause excruciating pain, the Crab does not inspire awe or fear as does a charging ram, […]