Transiting Mars in Taurus

Representing the God of War, Mars is one macho planet. However, according to certain astrological theories, whenever he’s in the feminine, sensual and self-indulgent sign of Taurus, he’s reduced to a weakened state reminiscent of Samson after he was betrayed by Delilah. Frankly, I don’t buy it. True, Mars does lose some of his drive…

Venus in Taurus

While immersed in the sign that rules possessions, Venus is inspired to acquire. While it’s true that the Bull can be frugal, Venus will gladly spend money on high quality clothing, jewelry, accessories and furnishings. A practical hedonist, Venus in Taurus is tempted by massages, aromatherapy, facials and other soothing, sensory delights. While her craving for physical sensations may or may not lead her to someone’s bedroom, it will probably lead her to some of the finest restaurants