Mars Enters Aries


After more than five weeks of being immersed in Pisces’ sea of tranquility, Mars knew that unless he made land soon he would be condemned to live the rest of his life as a sensitive man. Emotionally waterlogged, the planet that never says die pressed forward until […]


Mercury in Aquarius

Transiting Mercury in Aquarius   After spending more than nine long weeks in Capricorn’s practical, conventional and status-conscious tenth house, Mercury bid farewell to the Seagoat and bolted straight into Aquarius where he could color outside the lines, think outside the box and experience the joys of life as a non-conformist. […]


Venus in Capricorn


After weeks of dressing in Sagittarius casual, Venus was ready to trade in the archer’s informal attire for some timeless Capricorn classics, and from the moment she slipped into her  tailored business suit, the goddess of love felt her work ethic growing stronger, her authority increasing and […]


Mercury in Sagittarius


Transiting Mercury in Sagittarius   After spending several intense weeks learning about the mysteries of life in Scorpio, Mercury was ready to bring his newfound knowledge into the light of day. He was also eager to share it with the world, which is why upon exiting the Underworld, […]


Venus in Libra

bilancia, segno zodiacale composto da colori

Venus in Libra After spending the past few weeks in Virgo, Venus felt completely rejuvenated as she emerged from the Maiden’s house of health and self-improvement. Eager to resume her role as the most beautiful, balanced and popular goddess, she smiled brightly as she gracefully made her way into the most sociable sign of the […]


I’ve Got No Planets in My Seventh House (and other astrological disasters)


I’ve Got No Planets in My Seventh House (and other astrological disasters)   Help! I’ve got no planets in my 7th house. Does that mean I’m never going to get married? That’s the question I hear most often. No one has ever said, I’ve got no planets in my 2nd house. […]


Happy Birthday, Virgo!

segni zodiacali astratti -  vergine

Happy Birthday, Virgo! For those of us who experience the change of seasons in the northern hemisphere, the Sun’s ingress into Virgo  is a reminder that the backyard BBQ’s and beach parties enjoyed under the Cancer and Leo Sun will soon be a memory. As the Sun […]


Happy Birthday to Cancer: Celebrating the Crab


Happy Birthday to Cancer: Celebrating the Crab The Ram, the Bull, the Lion and the Scorpion. Each one is powerful, intimidating and even deadly in its own way. And then there’s the Crab. While it’s true that its pincers can cause excruciating pain, the Crab does not inspire awe […]


New Zodiac Sign

For the Last Time … Your Sign Hasn’t Changed Here we go again, except this time it isn’t Bill Nye or astronomer Parke Kunkle from the Minnesota Planetarium Society claiming that astrologers have been using the wrong signs for ages because of the precession of the equinoxes, it’s NASA claiming that […]


The Cusp Personality

In astrology, the word “cusp” refers to a point that either separates two consecutive signs from each other in the zodiac or two consecutive houses in the horoscope. In other words, the cusp defines where one Sun Sign ends and the next one begins. When most people […]

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