Transiting Mars in Leo

While Mars is in Leo, he seeks the spotlight and wants to hear the sound of applause. He also tends to take everything personally and is quick to lash out in righteous indignation against anyone who disagrees, criticizes or opposes him. That’s why while Mars is in Leo, he can be an impatient bully who when challenged is at best combative and at worst a tyrant.

Happy Birthday, Leo!

Dedicated with love to my daughter, Laura. Wherever you are, there is the Sun. Although the rest of the signs may not  care to admit it, Leo is the star of the zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, which represents the life force, those born under the sign of the Lion are meant to be in the…

Venus in Leo

While in the sign of the Lion, Venus is confident and if there’s a spotlight, odds are high that it’s shining brightly on her. If not, you can bet she’s standing in the wings waiting for her big break, because deep down in her soul, Venus in Leo knows that it’s simply a question of when, not if, the limelight will find her.